Friday, January 1, 2016

Sabering the New Year

Happy 2016 everyone! Another year under our belts. Time keeps on chugging along. Hard to keep up some days, but other times, we seem to be flowing with the current. May there be few waterfalls or rapids this year.

We rang in the New Year with style. But let's go back a bit. This all started last year, my friends.

Tyler happened to find something on youtube about Sabering a bottle of Champagne. Naturally, that meant he must try it himself. (If it involves knives or guns, he's probably going to want to try it.) This particular venture can be done with a simple kitchen knife.

So one evening when the kids were in bed, we broke out the Sparkling Cider, literally. (I wasn't even sure Sparkling Cider would work like Champagne. I'm obviously not a wine connoisseur since we don't drink.) Tyler had me video his first attempt.

Wow! I was very impressed. We did pick up bits of glass in the kitchen so decided that future attempts should probably be done outdoors. And knowing Tyler, I knew there would be future attempts. Only a day or so later, he executed another flawless opening on the front porch.

It seemed too cool not to share it with friends. So on New Year's Eve, we went over to the Hulse's to initiate Jonny into the fine art of sabering. Tyler likes a dramatic flare so we brought along his machete that he got in Brasil. (The closest thing we have to a saber, but much cooler than a kitchen knife.)

Let's say the results were explosive.

We couldn't drink more than a couple bottles that night, so we saved the rest for the morning. Gotta love spending New Year's Day outside in the brisk air severing bottle tops.

Because this is my blog, I made sure to get some photos as well. Here is Tyler getting ready to shine. (We all have our unique ways to warm up for sabering.)

Beth was not sure about the whole thing. I sense doubt. The Force is weak in this one.

Jonny was the first one to try the butter knife and he rocked it.

We women had a little more trouble with the small weapon. Beth sure was trying. There is a mental block you have to get around, especially after watching Tyler shatter a bottle.

There was a lovely little 'ting' sound every time Beth tried. Again and again.

Our bottles looked good all sabered.

Don't worry, Beth came back to redeem herself. She finally got her bottle top off with the cleanest cut of all. We donated it to neighbors since we already had plenty to drink.

I recommend inviting a large crowd if you plan to do this at home (which you probably shouldn't) because it is hard to stop at one bottle, but there is a limit to how much cider you can drink. (At least there is for me.)

Besides we parents (who act like children), our children were also having fun. Ivory played games with friends on New Year's Eve Day.

Robyn had a late night with friends.

Sadly, Robyn may have overdone it with the partying snacks. She was up bright and early in 2016 clearing the contents of her stomach.

I myself probably ate thirty-five too many peanut butter M&Ms. I am not feeling fantastic today, which is why you don't see me slurping my cider in the video. That is just respect for everyone else who might drink it. Can't start the New Year with yucky germ sharing.

There you have it. 2016 is off to a great start. We hope you enjoyed our video. And we recommend you don't get carried away, like my Brother-in-law. We got this picture today.

I'm thinking it is a joke, but honestly...I'm not sure. Hope everyone is thirsty at his house.

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