Sunday, January 24, 2016

The 10th Anniversary of Cazier's Birthday Bash Laser Tag Mayhem

This year marks ten whole years of the annual Laser Tag event. For all of those years, Maleen has DOMINATED (if not won) every laser tag competition. Tyler's had a few lucky high-ranking victories, but the real King Queen of laser tag is surely Maleen.

Here are this year's top ten by rank. There were other players that did not come from the DHI shooter pool, so they're names are left off.

1 Maleen Green
3 Tyler Green
4 Carbine Red
5 Caleb Red
6 Foster Green
7 Doug Red

9 Tristan Green

You can see that 7 of the top 10 were from the DHI group. Woot!

Red Team
As you can see from the point tally, the red team won by virtue of most kills. Congratulations to Tristan, Lisa, Doug, Carbine, Caleb, Arthur, and William. They managed to pull off a 498 to 445 victory.

Carbine (K/D; 56/39 or 1.4)

Caleb (K/D: 55/61 or 0.9)

Doug (K/D: 47/40 or 1.2)

Tristan (K/D: 43/23 or 1.9)

Lisa (K/D: 27/25 or 1.1)

Arthur (K/D: 39/35 or 1.1)

William (K/D: 32/45 or 0.7)

Green Team
And now, the noble defenders of truth, righteousness, and virtue: the Green Team. MVPs on the green team include both Maleen and Tyler, ranking 1 and 3 overall respectively.

Maleen (K/D: 90/38 or 2.37)

Tyler (K/D: 82/54 or 1.5)

Foster (K/D: 54/65 or 0.8)

Jay (K/D: 45/36 or 1.3)

Dan (K/D: 49/60 or 0.8)

Langi (K/D: 12/45 or 0.3)

David (K/D: 4/40 or 0.1)

Naturally, some recognition is in order.

Dominator. First, Maleen "The Dominator" is worthy of the title, coming in at number one again. Any more, it's just a battle for second as the forgone champion is pretty much always Maleen.

Most Accurate. Langi edged out Dan for the most accurate. Langi's accuracy was 8.57%, Dan's was 8.55%.

Wildest. Tristan sprayed 1,649 shots with only negligible accuracy at 2.61%. It's like having a mini gun operated by a drunken sailor.

Let There Be Peace. This year's shooter of the least shots was David James at 113 whole shots. Langi came in a close second at 140 shots.

Most Deadly Three. This is classified by highest kill / death ratio: Maleen (2.37), Tristan (1.9), and Tyler (1.5).

Battle Fodder. Every battle needs those guys that run into the hail of lasers, lighting up, and waving to everyone else to come join them on their cloud with a cute little harp. These three were the lowest kill / death ratio: David (0.1), Langi (0.3), William (0.7).

Martyred. Foster died the most at 65 eulogies required. We're sure he died for a cause, we just don't know what cause.

The Gift of Avoiding Lasers. Tristan look the least lasers at 23 deaths. Lisa was close at 25 deaths.

I Stood Up To Maleen. There's always one that stands up and tries to take down Maleen. Caleb gave it his all and scored 10 kills against Maleen. (Of course, she scored 21 against him...ouch!)

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meganmushrat said...

They're names are left off? Come on - you went to college. It should be THEIR names are left off. After all, they're stands for 'they are'. Does it make sense to say 'They are names are left off?" Leaving that aside, good job both of you. One of these years Maleen isn't going to come in first and the world will end.