Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Christmas in January (for reals)

This could be the best day of the year and it is only January.

Need I say more?

Probably not, but I will anyway.

Our machines have been sketchy at best for a while now. The washer died last year and we got a refurbished one to hold us over. It worked, but if the load was unbalanced at all, it would start thrashing around like a polar bear catching a sea lion. (Sounded about like that too.)

Robyn has gotten very good at arriving on the scene first and opening the top of the washer to stop it before it does any real damage. And readjusting the clothes usually only works the second time. So I stay close until polar bear/sea lion thrashing starts again and I adjust clothes (again) and hope for the best.

Needless to say...not the ideal arrangement. But if you end up with clean clothes, it is worth it.

The dryer died a week ago. It seemed time to get a new set. Enter the Samsung Top-Loader and Dryer.

I know they are expensive, but I'm hoping they will last a while. Also, we didn't get them for full price. They were on sale, and then we got a 10% discount on top of that, plus another discount for opening a credit card with Lowe's. (You are not allowed to think we are foolish. First, we have few cards. We only get ones that we will use and Tyler has noticed that many purchases come from Lowe's each year. It comes from having a house. You probably know. Second, we pay our cards off every month. So having a credit card for us just means that we use what every special power is included. In this case 5% off any purchase at Lowe's. I've seen better super powers, but this one is acceptable.)

This new set is definitely more high tech than anything we have had before. My favorite feature is not having to guess how much water to put in. It auto fills it to the correct amount. So I'm not sitting there thinking...Well, I'm not really putting in a large load, so should I put the water at medium? Or should I just leave it at large? And I'm not really sure where the dial should go for medium/large? Maybe I'll just put it here in the middle and then watch and see how much water that is...

All the guesswork gone. It is the best!

It has new settings like a cycle for active wear. That is nice. I do have several shirts and Ivory has a lot of leotards that could go in there. I'm hoping I will be better about sorting out laundry. I already sorted out whites, but I was pretty bad about delicates or light colors.

Another bonus. The washer is huge!! It is a little hard to reach the bottom. I had Robyn try and she ended up IN the washer.

First she was pretending to be in. Then the basin turned and she was all the way in. She was not very happy about the whole thing. She probably likes the new washer least of all.

However, I haven't even filled the thing to full capacity. I washed a load of bedding which normally took me two cycles with the old washer and everything fit in one load with room to spare. It wasn't even crowded in there.

The funniest thing about the new set is that it sings when it finishes. Most washers will beep or chirp at you, but this one does a whole little tune. And not a short tune. It starts to chime as if to say it is done and you can come get the clothes now. Kind of a proud little song of accomplishment. But it just keeps going. I think the music stretches from accomplishment into boastfulness. I thinking about making up words to the tune. We'll see.

Because I have to do laundry almost every day in this house, I am thrilled with a nicely working Washer/Dryer. With the large capacity, I may even have a day off here and there. You never know. That is definitely a gift. So it feels like Christmas. Or, perhaps an early birthday present.

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meganmushrat said...

You can come and get the closes now? Did you mean clothes? I can hardly wait to hear the little tune. Betcha I can come up with some words for it! Poor Robyn - if she fits inside I can imagine that both Pearl and Daisy (and maybe even Ivory) could all fit inside at the same time!