Monday, January 25, 2016

Portraits - Simple Natural Light

I love natural light. If there was one thing I could change about the house we have right now, it would be the lights. Really, I would just add a whole bunch more windows. In our last place, we had lovely large windows in the living room and up in our bedroom and the lighting was so fantastic for picture taking. If we ever build again (which I highly doubt), big picture windows will be a must.

When I do the photo shoots with the girls, we usually do them outdoors and use natural light. Sometimes we score a nice cloudy day, but more often, I go somewhere with shade. I don't like the harsh shadows on the face, although sometimes that can be fun.

The photo challenge for the week comes out on Sunday, and last Sunday, I woke up to a cloud. The whole world was enveloped in white fog and there was new snow on the ground. It was really quite lovely. I thought about taking a picture, but ran out of time before church.

But how lucky am I that the fog didn't quite burn off by lunch? (Very unusual.) I came home and grabbed the nearest child and we went outside. It wasn't nearly as foggy as first thing in the morning, but you still get a good idea and I love the soft white light.

Behold...June in a natural light. (i.e. cloud light.)

I took some photos a little farther away so you can see the softness in the background.

Since I took those on Sunday, I have been lazy all last week. But I will have my work cut out for me this week with FREEZE MOTION. The gears are already turning in my head.

p.s. There are strict instructions to use a different person in each portrait shot throughout the year. So, you may see June in other photos, but if it is portrait style, June has already had her turn.

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meganmushrat said...

Lovely pictures, but I can't believe how fast June is growing up. She is definitely a young lady now. (Tim is jealous of the snow!)