Thursday, January 7, 2016

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Yep...there are some pictures that have sat on my phone for too long. I promised them they would be recognized soon enough and today is the day. It is a weight off my shoulders to get a lot of pictures done at once. Also, they are from 2015, so they are so last year.

Let's start with the scariest of the batch. Me...without makeup. Ahhhh!!

Okay, it isn't so bad. I was talking to June one night and telling her how I feel I need to wear makeup every day. I think I look better and I don't get comments like, "Are you feeling okay? You look tired, sick, awful, worn out, etc. (insert concerned adjective here)." Because I have very pale skin, I look a little washed out without makeup. I used to have teachers pull me aside in elementary school and ask if I were sick. (Nope, just the color of my skin.)
So, I went a whole day with no makeup and guess what? No one asked if I were ill. Even close friends didn't say anything. They were probably being polite, but I'll take it. However, I will still be wearing makeup on a regular basis.

It is like a bra. I just feel more comfortable going out in public if I have it on. :)

Back in November, we went to the Junior High School Play, Legally Blonde Jr. They did such a good job, and the lead was a girl in our ward. It is fun when we can do something all together as a family.

I wouldn't say that my kids play with their food necessarily, but they will often make it into a face. This particular evening we were having sausage and gravy over biscuits and June made a face that looks like Shrek to me. What do you think?

In second grade, they have an assignment around Thanksgiving where they disguise turkeys. The kids get really creative. It is one of the best displays during the year. (I wish I had taken more pictures.) Daisy chose to make her turkey into a hot air balloon. His disguise seemed to work. No one ate him for Thanksgiving.

Here are the littles at Hobby Lobby, my home away from home. I feel like I should  be singing, 'Row, row, you boat' while they stand there.

Girls learn clapping games...that is part of being a girl as far as I know. I knew plenty growing up, like Big Mac, Miss Suzy, and the one about the treehouse and sliding down a trapdoor into a cellar. (Sheesh, I have music playing in the background, so I can't think of how it goes. Roxette, you are throwing off my groove.) Oh, See See, Oh Playmate. That is the one. Anyway, there are more, but you get the idea. My girls came home with a new one. Something about having a date with American Beauty.

She can do the Pom pom.
She can do the Twist twist
But most of all, she can kiss, kiss, kiss.

Then you are supposed to go lower in the splits and start the rhyme again until someone falls down. As you can imagine, Ivory always wins at this game since she is the only one who can actually do the splits. June and I were pretty evenly matched. I'm glad my girls do some of the things that I remember. (Miranda, do you remember any others? There was one with a roller coaster in it.)

More snack faces.

Robyn asked to have her hair done is small braids. Man, that kid has thick hair. It took me about an hour and half to get it done. Phew.

She wore it for a few days and then took it out. Cute both ways.

Ivory requested the same a few days later. Her hair is not as thick, but it still took an hour. I don't mind, although my fingers and lips taste like rubber bands after I am done. Yum.

I really do like that braided wavy look. I should get a crimping iron.

I can't even remember why we took this selfie or what we were doing, but I do know I love these gals.

Also, not sure who put this together. If only there were some clue??

June's friend, Evelyn, dropped off a nativity on Christmas Eve. What a cute idea. I had never seen one like this before. KitKat walls, and a Hershey's Cookies and Cream roof. Adorable, and tasty.

And one more candy smile for the road. Daisy likes to leave cute notes for mom and dad. This one read,

Dear mom & dad
I (heart) U so much, your such smilly pepol. And so loving. I gave you this smile to remeber I (heart) u.
love your smily doter daisy

It is hard to top that cuteness, so I won't even try today.

We here at Random Enterprises appreciate your business. Come back any time.

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Such fun to see the little things in your life.