Saturday, January 30, 2016

Colored Envelopes, Treats, Sombreros, and Murder

In other words...birthday fun!

I usually like to do a separate post for my and Tyler's birthdays, but today I'm just lumping everything together and calling it good.

In the beginning, I was very adamant about celebrating separately, but the older I get, I see how foolish that is. Why make two cakes, when you can make one? (Or in our case...just one batch of brownies.)

I had a delightful birthday. I went to lunch with some of my wonderful friends. I happened to choose a Mexican restaurant, so I ended up with a Sombrero on my head, but that didn't even spoil the day. (You and me, Tim.)

In the evening, we had big plans. We went to a Murder Mystery dinner. There is a little back story to this. When Tyler and I planned our monthly dates for the year, we decided to do a Murder Mystery. I suggested around my birthday. He agreed and I didn't think much more about it. Then in December, a good friend said she was planning a Murder Mystery evening. She said she was thinking about New Year's or mid-January. I immediately voted for January. It would incorporate our date and our birthdays and I wouldn't even have to host. Pretty sweet.

Our characters were the lord and lady of the household. We got all dolled up for the big occasion.

I even tried my hair in an old-fashioned pin-curled style. Trust looks nothing like it is supposed to, but it worked for the evening.

The evening was so fun. The food was great, contributed by all. (We brought a ton of shrimp...yum!) I met a lot of new people and enjoyed everyone's company. We played the game through most of the event and there were prizes awarded at the end. I managed to snag an award for being one of the best to stay in character. But I did not get any awards for keeping secrets. By the end of the evening, everyone knew of my torrid fling with the bad guy right before I got married and the confusion about whether my daughter was really my husband's child. (Spoiler: She WAS my husband's child, thank goodness for that.) I'm sure it brought scandal on the household, but I am all for honesty and I was tired of being blackmailed by the scoundrel. So much for secret keeping.

I also did not accomplish my goals (in the game), since one of them was to keep the good doctor out of trouble and he turned out to be the murderer. (Oops.) At the end, there was a vote for who everyone thought was the murderer and I got the most votes. (Although the doctor got the second highest number of votes.) Hannah's parents were at the party as well, which made it very fun. They are to the right of us in this picture. (Your right, not my right.) (Oh, and Mr. Keen was the good bad doctor.)

I couldn't have asked for a better 'birthday' party. I'm thinking that we might do this again next year.

The kids watched themselves and we came home to a clean house and treats. Look at this cute sign.

But my favorite part was that later, on my camera, I found a little photo shoot of the treats...just like I do. Here they are close up.

And then the best part...eating them.

Birthdays mean colored envelopes. I think a colored envelope is about the best thing that can come in the mail. I opened the mailbox to find three one day and it was exhilarating. Sadly, one of them was from Geico. Granted, it was a birthday card of sorts, but I don't think that counts. Don't spoil it Geico. Colored envelopes are special.

You already know that we played some Laser Tag around Tyler's birthday. I don't know what to say. I don't mean to win. It just comes naturally. (That sounds more conceited than I mean it sound.) He forgot to post a picture, so I'll put it here. (And yes, I am holding up one finger because I came in first...that is purposeful conceit.)

We opened gifts as they came. The card from my mom was a little too generous, but happily received. (Seriously, thank you mom.) Tyler helped the kids burn their names into a cutting board for me. It will be well used.

Tyler received clippers. (Which we promptly used to mow his mane.) The girls gave us a dozen love notes with pictures and candies. They are the sweetest. You don't need much when you already have fantastic kiddos.

I did manage to make some brownie bites in lieu of a cake and we blew out our candles together. Ahhh.

It was a great birthday for both of us. Another year under the belt with the love handles to prove it. Some say we are older, but I like to say we are more experienced. Either way, we felt the love from so many people who made our days special. Thanks!

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meganmushrat said...

You guys really know how to celebrate. Happy birthday to you both and may there be many more.