Monday, December 21, 2015

It's All Greek to Me

Christmas break started today. Woot! I love having the kids home. And even better, I looked at my schedule for this week and I have nothing. NOTHING! No Thing that I have to do.

Granted, there is plenty that I should do that isn't written down in the calendar. I should probably finish up Christmas shopping for one. But there is no rush. I have four more days.

I do have a goal to get some serious blogging done in the near future. My dream is to not fill all of January's posts with Christmas this and that. And trust me, we have done plenty of Christmas this and that around here. My camera is full of fun odds and ends. From parties, to performances, right down to failed Christmas cookies. It is all there waiting.

And wait it will, because today is about Robyn's ancient civilization report.

I believe that the kids chose an ancient civilization and then did a lot of research about said civilization. They put together a slide show report and then also made a 3D artifact to put in their "museum."

I almost missed the museum. I somehow mixed up my scheduling. Some kids were taking down their displays by the time I got there, but luckily Robyn was in a room where they decided to extend the museum for a few more minutes for other classes to come through. ( the nick of time.)

She had dressed as an archaeologist and had a little spiel to go with her artifact. She had made her own little pot at home out of air dry clay. It was very cute and she painted it red and black because those were the most common colors used by the Greeks on their pottery. (Apparently those colors were easier to find and make.) Greeks used pots for carrying water and holding things, although you might not do either with Robyn's pot because hers is rather small, and (more importantly) it doesn't have a bottom. (Makes it a little trickier to carry water.)

The following day was presentation day. Grandma Cazier was visiting (right before Thanksgiving) so we were both able to attend. Robyn did a great job. She had a dozen slides with lots of interesting facts. I asked her after what she found most intriguing. She said she liked learning about the government; for instance, who made the first democracy and how they made it. She seemed to really like the history of the Greek people.

I myself enjoy history, but it is lost on me since I can't remember anything I read or listen to nowadays. I am ashamed to admit that while reading a book about Abraham Lincoln, I was startled to see it mention that Ulysses S. Grant would later become President. I mean...I knew he was a civil war general, but I had completely forgotten that he was President as well. It is sad what slips out of the corner's of my mind. (My mother would be disappointed as well. She has all of the Presidents memorized and probably their favorite dessert.)

It is fun to see this kids try new things. Robyn doesn't seem to get too nervous in front of a crowd. That is a great skill to have this early on. She might get that from me, but even more from her father, who adores the sound of his own voice. He loves a captive audience. I'm surprised he didn't go into public speaking. I guess there is still time...


meganmushrat said...

I hate to report that although I can list all the presidents, what years they were president, what political party they belonged to, who their vice president was and who they were married to - I do NOT know their favorite desserts. Guess I'd better start researching...
Great job Robyn!

meganmushrat said...

Oops - forgot to mention that I can also list the state they were born in, and an approximate 'grade' (from A+ to F) on how well they did.