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Each year the Junior High puts on a musical. I tend to be aware only of things if my kids are in a relevant grade, so I didn't know much about the productions until last year when June entered Junior High. We went to the play since we knew the lead.

This year, my knowledge was greatly expanded since I had a daughter IN the play. The school put on High School Musical 2, Jr. Robyn decided that she wanted to try out. I was very supportive. I think plays are a great way to stretch into a new area and learn some skills that are hard to find anywhere else. It is a fantastic experience to have at least once.

Robyn got call backs. Everyone who tries out will be included in the play, but if you make call backs, you are considered for a lead roll. Robyn was up for the part of Kelsie (the piano player, music composer of the Wild Cats). She did not get the part. Out of four teachers, one choose her because she had a better look, but the other three voted for the girl who sang a bit better. I am actually happy she got an ensemble part. It is much easier to start out where you can blend in and not stress too much.

Although I loved that Robyn had this experience, I did NOT love how much she was gone. She had rehearsals a couple times a week, but towards the end, I felt like she was gone a lot. Her chores weren't getting done, and whenever I wanted to do something as a family, we always seemed to be missing one person. (Par for the course, naturally, but still frustrating.)

Finally, it was time for the big production. I was so impressed with these kids. They did a great job. Having kids in 8th and 7th, I knew a lot of the people in the play. There were six kids from our neighborhood, and I knew many of the leads (including two kids from moms in my book group and the girl who played the lead last year who was Sharpay this time around). They did forget some people on the cast list, but luckily Robyn was on there, although they spelled her name incorrectly.

The playbill looked pretty authentic. I hear in the past it has just been paper, but these looked pretty good.

I did not record any of the performance, but I couldn't help grabbing a few shots here and there of my Robyn. She started in the aisles, dancing and singing just a few feet away.

There were several costume changes. In this scene, the Wild Cats are lining up for their new job. I think this is the funniest picture of all because Robyn is still a shorty. You can barely see her eyes.

The ball game scene was a favorite. The hand coordination from fans in the stands was really fun.

Robyn ended up with her own small part. Before the 'talent show', Sharpay is backstage having a freak out moment. In the background several people are waiting to go on stage and perform. Robyn was an acrobatic accordion player. Here you can see her waiting to go on. When she did pass through the curtain, you could just make out her bouncing around on the other side, but that wasn't the focus of the scene. (It was for me though.)

I was so proud of Robyn, especially since she got sick opening night. She came home early from school and decided that she wasn't going to go to the play. I basically told her that wasn't an option. She could take a nap and skip school the next day, but she had to do the play. People were counting on her. She was such a trooper. She went every single night, but you could tell it was hard for her some evenings. Adrenaline can get you through a lot. (Extremely happy at this point that Robyn wasn't a lead.)

By closing night, many of the cast were sick. All these kids had been burning the candle at both ends. It is not surprising they were wearing down fast. (Robyn wasn't the only one who was committed despite fatigue.)

She was always all smiles after a performance. Here she is with Aaliyah and Amy.

The whole family came to watch and support one evening.

I got to go three times. What with comped tickets for working at the school, volunteering to work the ticket counter and from our fabulous DHI sponsor, I never had to pay to see the play. Bonus. Here is Robyn with Amy again and silly Hannah (our resident Sharpay.) Sharpay was such a brat in the show...not at all how Hannah is in real life.

Granny V even made it down one night. She was out of town in Vegas and passed through twice, but couldn't stay. (We got to watch Pip for a bit.) I was disappointed that she wouldn't be able to see the show, but she drove back down on Monday just to see Robyn. It was a great surprise.

Robyn made sure to get a picture with the choreographer, Ashton.

And Sariah, a friend who had played one of Ariel's sister in the High School production of The Little Mermaid this year..

It was a great group and a great experience. And I sure am happy to see more of Robyn around the house now. But I know I have to share such a fun personality.

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meganmushrat said...

I was always one of the crowd in the plays I participated in while in high school. Lots of fun and not too much pressure. It's quite an experience, and I totally empathize with the you-have-to-go-whether-or-not-you-are-sick thing, as I did that myself. With laryngitis!