Tuesday, December 6, 2016

November Phone Slew

Only six days of siesta...not bad for me. I actually really want to blog about Thanksgiving, but someone has photos that I would like to include in the post. But my guess is that the post will happen and photos may be added later. The blog waits for no photos. (Well...you know what I mean.)

Always good to get rid of the chaff, or in this case, document the chaff. I like to think of these extra pictures as chaff. If you threw all the photos in the air, the heavy ones connected to posts would fall back down, but this single photos or small groups would blow away in the wind. We can't let them escape like that, so it is important to have a place for them.

Tyler and I have had more opportunities to have lunch out together now that the kids are in school. We have been to some new places and one we liked was Joe's Cafe. The guy who runs it is super friendly. The walls are covered with pictures of him with customers. I had some of the best pecan pie I have ever tasted and the burgers there were almost too big to finish. Try it out sometime if you haven't.

Another day, another parade of lunches. I took a picture of this one because it ended up being kind of funny. I drew sea creatures and then each was thinking about a girl's name. Then I realized it might seem creepy to have a shark thinking about you. His thoughts would probably be followed by...yum. I figured Robyn would be the most easy going with a death threat for lunch.

Daisy smashed her thumb in a car door at the end of September. I was in town at the time, but I heard it was pretty bad. By the time I got back, her thumb nail was black. (A true black thumb...she takes after her mother.) But the blackened nail hung on forever instead of just falling off. When it started to look a little loose, I took a picture. And only a week later, the black nail finally released its hold and Daisy was left with a starter nail. It will probably be normal again...someday.

Daisy was using my ring as hair bling at church. (Shh...I don't take pictures during church.)

Pearl has a monster pillow named Cheeseburger (one of the better named stuffed animals, I think) who travels around the house. He sleeps next to Pearl most of the time, but sometimes he comes out to play. His mouth pocket is always the home of many interesting items. See how I found him this day. (I have no idea how many things are in there?)

I hosted book group in November. We read a book called Master. It was a story of a boy who grew up with Jesus. It wasn't the best written book, but I still enjoyed the storytelling and chronological order of Jesus' life. For my refreshments, I did drink mix-ins so people could change water into wine. I also had loaves and fishes. Robyn was kind enough to make signs for me and I think they were the perfect compliment to the evening.

I pick up the older girls from school more often than I should. There are always extra people wanting a ride and I deliver anyone who gets in the car. We had an over full car one afternoon when a bunch of neighborhood boys piled in. Another day, I picked up June to take her over to a friend's house. They were within walking distance, but I gave them a lift anyway. But there was a whole crowd of them. The more the merrier I guess. (As long as you don't see a police officer.) I think my favorite thing is the look on Elise's face. (I bet you can pick her out.)

Ivory has a book report due each month. This last month was fun because she read a book that isn't published yet. She read a book my mom wrote about mermaids. It is a fantastic book. She had fun describing a scene from the book and then a possible scene that could have happened. Mom, do you like her picture of Reef?

The ghosts came down at school and turkeys went up. What strange turkeys too. They really were a tad creepy.

This is Pearl's. I'm impressed even as I am slightly repulsed.

Daisy and Ivory participated in a recognition night for Activity Days. They received awards that seemed fitting. Ivory had best smile and Daisy had best candy eater. (I am the mom who allows limited sweets, so apparently she goes a little crazy at other events.)

While I was with the younger girls, the older girls were at a spa night. Robyn came home with her hair fancied up. It was quite lovely. Can't believe how long their hair is getting. (June, Robyn, and Daisy have pretty long hair right now.)

The next morning were the first snow flurries we had. You can't see them well in this picture, but it was the preview of more snow yet to come.

We went to see the play at the High School. They put on Little Mermaid. It was very cute. Here we are reading programs and getting ready to see the play. Tyler was in kidney stone mode, so he let Hannah come in his place.

After the play, it was the most chaotic scene I have been in for a while. People were smashed together trying to congratulate and talk to the performers. I finally gave up and beat a hasty slow, rigorous retreat to the door. I sent Robyn back in with the camera and to find June and Hannah who were lost in the crowd. The pictures she came back with made me laugh, especially her selfie with the prince. (The first is our friend Cassie who played a princess who sought the prince's hand.)

I left my phone sitting on a table at church. Mistake. Jessica and Drew took a dozen photos much like this one. Nerds.

Our final photo is not a current one. I found it when I was looking through old pictures, but it needed to be on here. I'm pretty sure Tyler talked June into nestling Moxy into her overalls. It looks uncomfortable on both sides.

There you have it. Another month and a little bit of craziness behind us. Stay tuned for some turkey time.

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meganmushrat said...

I think Ivory did an awesome job on her book report of Ellie and the Mermaid. I couldn't see the pictures too well, but they looked pretty accurate. It's always fun to see the flotsam and jetsam of your lives.