Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Mission Accomplished

Post number 27 for the month and in the nick of time. I am proud of myself. And mostly caught up if you don't count Thanksgiving.

Today I would like to do some current events. Often I just talk about what is going on in my life and not in the world. There is so much heartache in the world that I don't like to dwell on it, although I realize much of it is important and consequential. For instance, we elected a new president this month. The nation chose Donald Trump.

Interesting choice. I didn't feel there were any good candidates this time around. Do I like Trump? Am I worried for the country?

I like Trump more than Hillary. I like Trump less than most people. The country will probably muddle through like it always does. Mostly I believe that God has a plan. I don't fear. I have faith. I do my small part in my small corner of the world and know that I am just one cog in a network of souls.

In local news, there was a tragic event that hit close to home. There was a stabbing at our High School. (I don't have kids in High School yet but I know plenty of kids that go there.) In the boys' locker room, one student stabbed five other boys before stabbing himself. None of the wounds were fatal, but a few injuries were very severe. I found out a few hours later that one of the victims is from our neighborhood. I was so saddened for him and his family. Unfortunately, he was one of the boys with more serious wounds. He has had multiple surgeries already and probably has more in the future. There is no risk of him dying, but his quality of life may be permanently changed.

I feel sorry for all the victims and for the boy who attacked them. What issues is he dealing with that leads him to this sort of violence? His life is also changed. I could wish that life were simpler and less tragic, but if wishes were horses, beggars would ride. Once again, I think the key is to have faith and not fear.

Finally in extremely local news, I got a job. It kind of fell in my lap. I certainly wasn't out there looking for a job. The hours are perfect. I work 2 hours a day. (Pretty cushy huh?) I am a copy aid at the Junior High. So I go and make lots of copies and then go home. This is my kingdom.

When the machines are being nice, I get a lot done and I feel like I have accomplished something. Bonus that I get paid too. I'm so used to volunteering that a check is going to feel strange. But it will be useful with all the extra lessons we have going around here. One of these days I give you a run down of all the kids extra curricular activities. Most days it is good. Other days it is overwhelming.

This last few days has felt like my head is dipping under the water and I'm having to hold my breath. Maybe it is the approaching holidays. Maybe it is the unread book on my shelf. Maybe it is the lack of anything Christmas in my house. (I haven't shopped or decorated.)Who knows? I'll get my act together soon though. And hopefully the blog won't suffer in the meantime. (I am known to take a sizable siesta after blogging month.)

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meganmushrat said...

Very sad about the stabbing - especially how disturbed that boy who did the stabbing must have been. His life will never be the same again either.