Friday, November 11, 2016

Semi-Annual Sweetness

Conference months are some of my favorite months. I like the traditions we are creating around them, but even more, the spiritual renewal and enlightenment are amazing. There is nothing quite like it.

Women's Conference (which is now the first session of General Conference) is always a treat. We got to take Daisy along this time. We actually had too many people for my van, but we ended up cramming in there anyway. (Gotta love the double buckle.)

Menchie's is basically a given if we have Esther. There are a few other places she can go, but the kids love Menchie's, so it works. They are such sillies, but we have a good time.

Conference with the family is my favorite. We all relax and snuggle, stitch and color, and listen to inspired talks and great council. The girls usually start by coloring and later stitch with me. June was enjoying her book that she got from Grandma Dargan.

I finally got the Spider done. It was supposed to be done last year. Regardless, I can check that one off. I really like it.

We also had our semi-annual conference dinner for all those who re-listened, re-watched or re-read all the talks from the previous conference. We had the older girls again and both parents. It is a good group, but I hope to get more of us next time. We tried out Noodles and Co. Not bad, but I enjoyed the company the most.

The new wall went up and this time around I had a fun idea. Instead of signing names, each person has a sticker that they put on the wall when they finish the talk. Everyone was able to choose their stickers after completing one talk. It was fun to see all the choices. Maybe you can guess who chose what?

Answer key:
Flamingos: Robyn
Whales: Mom
Cute Sea Creatures: Pearl
Sunflowers: June
Horses: Dad
Glasses: Daisy
Mustaches: Ivory

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meganmushrat said...

I've got to get back into cross-stitching again. It is really such a peaceful way to listen to conference. This time I colored (somewhat like June but not nearly as well).