Friday, November 4, 2016

It's Fair to Say We Had a Good Time

Labor day is always up in the air for us. Sometimes we chill at home and use that extra day to catch up on playing and sleep. This year we headed up to Idaho. The main plan was to see Grandpa's tombstone. It had finally arrived and we all wanted to get a good look at it. (Nope, I didn't take any pictures, because my brain is sketchy. It is fairly odd what I remember to take pictures of and what totally slips through the cracks.)

It is always fun to hang out at Granny V's. I caught some random moments that make me laugh. I found all the girls outside in the morning. It was a little cool, as September will get in Idaho, and the girls were all bundled up. I'm not sure why they were out there, but they were having a good time.

Nothing is sacred in Vicki's house. I hope she doesn't mind too much. I feel like the kids get into all her stuff. She seems pretty good natured about most of it. I found Robyn in this outfit, complete with dog in purse. Hahaha.

Grandma had a lot of apples, many that had already fallen off the tree. We cleaned up plenty for her, but while we were there, June managed to pick some and bake a pie. I encourage these domestic adventures. I would love for my kids to make me pie when I'm older. Or now.

Sunday is a day for relaxing and being covered in dogs, if possible.

Also a day for selfies!

Monday, we went to the Blackfoot fair. We planned on meeting J.R. and Jami there. While Tyler was buying entrance tickets, I got some pictures of the kids. I like the one where they are almost riding the horses.

There are always a lot of things to do at a fair. We started with animals because the kids always enjoy seeing our furry or feathered friends.

I asked all the kids to say 'moo'. This picture cracks me up. (I think Rozz's face is my favorite.)

There are always interesting animals to see. It isn't a zoo, but it's not like I see these types of rams usually. Very cool what nature comes up with.

There was a big plastic horse called 'King'. If you were small enough, you could catch a ride. We put all the littles up there. (Jack won't be a little for long.)

The draft horses were huge. This guy looks like he doesn't fit in his space, but I think he's just trying for a good scratch. We all need one now and then.

Outside, someone was transporting ponies. These are more my size. The kids enjoyed petting them, and then feeding some horses we saw inside the next building.

We checked out tanks and the Longhorn Steer. (Is that horn sharp, Tyler?)

We even ran into K.J. I believe the other people in his family were home since Hinckley wasn't well that day, but K.J. went to the fair with his cousins. I'm digging the pink socks.

Part of the fair is getting chow. We broke into groups to find what we each desired. I took Ivory to the bread barn where we got bread slathered with huckleberry butter, strawberry jam, and honey butter. So delicious. Rozz looks like she is digging into some kind of burger. Yum. (She asked for extra onions.)

We had passed what looked like an arts/hobby building so I took the kids back there to check it out before we left. They had lots of flowers and plants, and some art, but the coolest part was the cakes. There were all different kinds and they were amazing. The most superb one, in my opinion, was a Rosie the Riveter cake. It was awesome, complete with rivets in the sides, but I didn't take a picture. I was too much in awe. I did get a picture of a cupcake in the Jr. category. I think this peacock was pretty cool too.

You may also sit and wonder why I never got a picture of J.R. and Jami. It just is what it is people. The camera has a mind of its own. (That makes me feel a little better.) Eventually all fairs come to an end, and our time in Blackfoot was drawing to a close. Granny V was kind enough to bring Moxy to us and then we were back on our way home. Can't leave the dog. She already has abandonment issues. And she sure is cute when she sleeps in the car.

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meganmushrat said...

This was the first year in a long, long time that we didn't go to the fair. I didn't think I'd miss it - and I didn't until I started reading your blog. Maybe next year we'll have to go. Looks like you had a great time.