Tuesday, November 1, 2016

This Month

November is upon us. I do apologize for breaking up the Disneyland posts, but I need to manage the business side of the blog. Namely, this strange month where I'm supposed to post every day. Some months I have been the boss and gotten it done. Other months I haven't had the pressing need, so the posts taper off once I have caught up. This year I definitely have plenty of posts to keep me going strong at the beginning, BUT we are hosting Thanksgiving this year and I am the worst at posting while family is in town.

So, my goal is not to blog every day, but to blog a certain number of posts. Let's say 27. I will post 27 times this month, possibly twice a day. That should catch me up and get me ready for the end of the year, but it also allows me days off to play.

In the spirit of a voting month, I will even let you vote on the next post. I figure this will not affect my posting much since not many people comment, but it gives you a voice if you want one.

Disneyland is up next because I need to finish that set, but here are your choices for the following post:

1. Costume Shoot
2. September Phone Dump
3. Anniversary
4. School Carnival

Happy November. I hope your Halloween was a good one. We had a great time. I'm sure you'll hear about it soon...

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