Saturday, November 5, 2016

June's 14 year Gallery

I am sitting at the keyboard and struggling with what to say. Fourteen is not that old and yet I feel it is standing on the edge of a precipice. Fifteen is learning to drive and many other steps that just lead kids rapidly into adulthood. I love this age. I just wish I could hold on to them a little longer in each stage. I don't mind that they get older. Could they just do it a little slower?

June is a fantastic person. There is no question about that. She is smart, beautiful, inquisitive, funny, responsible, kind, and a great help to me in all areas. She has been watching the kids for a long time. (Bless you.) She makes dinners and does her own laundry. She makes sure that she is caught up on her homework. She practices her violin and fills the house with music. (Although sometimes it is at 6:30 in the morning, when I could do with less music.) She loves romance books and movies. She has desires to be a good mom and I know she will be wonderful. I just love the stuffing out of this kid.

Two fun recent memories: She has been stitching with me in the evenings. I know her schedule will get busy soon, but we have had a lot of fun doing the same project (in different colors). We sit and listen to music or talk. She is a kindred soul.
Also, she often has to walk home 'alone' since Robyn has rehearsal after school. She isn't alone by any means because she walks with friends, but she is always trying to wheedle me into giving her (and friends) a ride. I have been giving her riddles and if she solves them, I give her a ride. Sometimes she is almost home when she figures it out. It has been fun and I like to watch them stretch their brains.

Without further ado, I give you June's gallery. We had such a fun time up in the canyon.

We did go grab a treat after our excursion, but I didn't get a picture. We sat outside eating Cold Stone while June told me about Shakespeare stories. Delightful.

p.s. Did you notice June's wicked scab from Frisbee? I left it in the pictures as a memory.

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meganmushrat said...

It's hard to remember what a fussy baby she was now that she's almost all grown-up and so responsible. What a wonderful young lady she has turned out to be!