Wednesday, November 9, 2016

September Phone Dump

Actually, you get a few pictures from June (the month) as well, since when I truly went back and looked at the phone, it seemed that I missed some pictures way back when. I'm sure the world would not end without these pictures, but when you are getting as forgetful as I am, every memory counts.

June's (the person) hair is getting very long. (Actually, several of the kids are sporting rather long tresses at the moment.) She likes to do her own hair and frequently braids it or puts it in fancy buns. Her hair was up in some kind of do, when it fell and created the 'cocoon.' June documented this phenomenon on multiple occasions, so clearly it was interesting to her.

Found this little ground squirrel sitting on a piece of machinery in my neighbor's yard. He was so kind to pose for me, so I had to take a picture.

I don't even remember why Robyn and I are at Menchie's. Date? Most likely. You can often tell what movie is current by the Menchie spoons. They are sporting Sid, the Sloth, if you can't tell.

Our neighbor's cats had kittens. The chillins stole my phone for a kitten photo fest. Cute, but we won't be getting a cat any time soon. (You are welcome Grandpa.)

Ivory and I had a date and we went to the movies. (Yikes, we usually go to the discount theater and I remember why. The movies are so expensive and the treats we bought cost more than the tickets!!) I found it interesting that they were selling this:

Tyler introduced me to these Brazilian cheese rolls. They are tasty, but random to have at a movie theater. Ivory and I watched finding Dory. It was cute. I would watch it again. I liked Hank the octopus.

The YW had a Personal Progress Olympics. (Awards to come in another post.) For one event, they were supposed to dress up in all the value colors. Robyn asked me to paint her face. What do you think?

In science, Robyn had a leaf collection and bug collection to put together. We spent a month or so catching random bugs and putting them in the freezer to die. (Sorry bugs, but there are plenty of you out there.) The dragonfly was the most impressive. He floated around in a jar of alcohol for a long time because I was scared to move him and damage his wings. Robyn and Tyler pinned all the bugs one evening while I was out. Probably for the best.

I found all these neat ghosties in the first grade hallway.

This one belongs to my Pearly P. I think she did a great job.

At the end of September, we found this really cool spider in our bushes. We don't have a lot of weavers around here. Most of our spiders make messy webs, so it was nice to see a real spinner. Plus, it was fat and creamy. Yes, I don't like spiders, but I can admire a majestic one.

The spider spray guy came just days later. He thought it odd that we requested that he skip those bushes so the spider wouldn't die. He said no one has EVER asked that before. :)

There you have it, some random summer and fall memories.

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meganmushrat said...

We have a large spider that has spun a web just to the right of our front door. We often see him/her feasting on the flies he/she has caught. No matter how you feel about spiders, their ability to spin webs is amazing.