Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Our New Pumpkin Patch

We have been going to the same place to get pumpkins since the kids were knee high to a grasshopper. It was local and convenient and fun. But they closed down last December. I was very sad to see the Vineyard Garden Center go.

This year I was looking around for a new place. I had a few recommendations from friends and so we went to try one out. We probably won't look any further. We loved where we went. The place is called Jaker's Jack-O-Lanterns and it is in Springville.

It is only $2 dollars to get in, but all the fun stuff inside is free, and then pumpkins are extra, but reasonably priced. We went during Fall Break. I wish we could have taken Tyler, but he was supposed to be working, when in actuality, he ended up home with a hurt ankle. Either way, he wasn't up for walking around and playing. The first place we went was the corn maize.

We started together but quickly broke off into groups. Daisy and Ivory wanted to go one way. Pearl and June chose another, and Robyn and I took a third path. We wound around for a bit, but eventually pointed out noses toward the entrance. It wasn't too hard to find our way out. Check out some photos from inside the maze.

This picture is to show Robyn that you can't take a selfie with the 50mm. With my short arms, I just can't get the camera far enough away.

Robyn and I were the first to make it out. She let me hold her corncob fan for a picture. And then she took off with the camera to go take pictures at the petting zoo.

Eventually, all parties exited the maze. And we joined Robyn with the animals. Kuzco was waiting for us. (Llama face)

There were pigs, goats, geese, and cows. The kangaroo was the bit hit. I don't know if I have ever noticed how much the kangaroo's tail looks like a large snake? But it was oh so soft. Like a plush teddy bear.

There was a fun slide the kids went down a couple times, but then they discovered the corn pit. (Like a ball pit, but full or corn kernels.) The kids LOVED it. They played there for as long as I let them. Everyone was buried at least once. There were corn angels made, and holes dug, and corn found in every cranny when they were finished. (It got there naturally, although in Pearl's case, I'm pretty sure she filled her shirt up on numerous occasions.)

Haha. That last one looks like a swarm of corn bees about to attack. Quick, run!!

There were large hay bales the kids could climb.

And a hay bale maze where we played Sardines for a bit and met a handsome fellow inside.

Then it was time to find our pumpkins. There were plenty of pumpkins on stands that you could choose from, but you could also go out into the patch and get your own.

Get some scissors or shears because these guys are still on the vine.

Everyone searched and found just what they wanted.

Now we can take these bad boys home and make some magic!

Ah, now there's a selfie. That's what I'm talking about. :) (Taken with my phone of course.)

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meganmushrat said...

Now that's a place I want to visit when (if) we move to Utah. It looks like a lot of fun; although I would probably enjoy watching the kids more than doing anything myself.