Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Wrapping Up Disney

My second to last post was entitled MMME. Turns out, that stands for Mining, Material, and Metallurgical Engineering. This blog is probably the opposite of enlightened opinions about current advances in these relevant fields. I almost feel guilty that someone will Google MMME and come up with my posts instead of something important they are looking for, but it won't take them long to filter out my blathering.

Speaking of blathering, let's get right to it. Day 2 we were a little tired to begin with. Our breakfast faces are getting there...

I should mention here that I love eating with Emebet. Emebet has such a small appetite (10), much like a bird. If you wait long enough, there is bound to be something tasty left to eat. She is very generous anyway and will share her food in a heartbeat, but I sometimes found myself compelled to help her finish a meal, since she didn't seem to have anywhere to put it.

It is funny, but we often argue about who is going to get what ticket for Disneyland since they usually have different pictures on them. I often go one less day, so my ticket is the one with less days, but the others are up for grabs. For the Halloween night, there were four tickets. I saw one that I wanted, but I didn't want to be greedy. So I fanned them out and let everyone else choose. Haha, the one I wanted was left in my hand. But I knew I would probably throw it away later, so I gave it to Miranda after, but I took a picture so I could remember my cool ticket.

On this morning, we didn't have a pass to get in early, so we couldn't go into the park until 10am. We had time to kill so we hung out waiting for the Disney store to open in Downtown Disney. Luckily, it opens at nine so we had something to do while we waited. Check out Emebet's cute hat.

It was very fun to shop around the Disney store. We bought a couple things, but I planned on doing most of my shopping the following morning. Plus, it is really hard to decide what to buy for my kids. There are so many things they would like, but when you have to buy for five girls, it can be tricky.

When we got into the park later, I believe Mom went off to get fast passes for me and Miranda, and the rest of us went on Astroblasters. I got the best score I have ever gotten. I finally figured out to keep hitting the same target if you get your laser lined up. It looks like Miranda is about to attack us in this picture.

We took Emebet on the Finding Nemo ride. I think it was her favorite.

This ride was the start of picking up after Miranda (11). She dropped her scooter key, but didn't notice. I picked it up and delivered it to her right before she started to panic. Later, she lost her entire purse going around a corner at Indiana Jones. I got that too and picked up the few things that spilled out. She didn't even notice it fell off. I was a little worried about walking in front of her, because who was going to pick up the things that fell behind...like cough drops?

Miranda and I spent much of this day going on rides that we both enjoy, but we didn't think Emebet would like. Everyone else was staying another day at the park, but I wasn't, so the coasters had to happen today! Big Thunder Mountain is always a hit. One of my top five rides!

Tuesday was a good day because we had reservations at the Blue Bayou (12). Their Monte Cristos are amazing! We mentioned them several times as we were sitting down and the waitress thought it would  be funny to say they were out of them. She was joking with Miranda, but somehow I didn't understand. I was so bummed they didn't have them. :( But that wasn't the case. And after all that, I enjoyed the salad the most. Maybe because I was really hungry and it was the first thing I ate, but it is hard to beat a great salad.

We went to the Tiki Room after lunch. I like this picture. And the Tiki Room was a nice air-conditioned place to rest for a bit. It was still plenty hot the second day!

Back in CA ADV, we were just in time for a parade. We found a spot to sit and enjoy, but we were surprised because it was a water parade. The first time we got sprinkled, we thought it was a fluke, but after several sprayers and hosers came by, we realized there was a theme going on. It was a very cute parade. Here are some of my favorite pictures...much easier to get during the daytime.

That last float was amazing. The acrobat guy was swinging around the entire time. I thought Ivory would enjoy watching that. I would think his arms would be so sore by the end of the parade.

Besides the parades, I saw many Disney characters as I walked around. I'm not interested in getting my own picture with them, but I like to snap a photo for the kids if I can. Check out all the people I saw...even if only from the back or side.

Miranda and I spent the evening together going on our favorite rides in CA ADV. We went on Tower of Terror and Cars again. In the evening, we came back to Tower of Terror, because they have a special spooky version after twilight (13). The ride is basically the same, but with no sound or lights. It is all quiet and in the dark. Actually, I shouldn't say quiet, because there is plenty of screaming. We both really liked it. I'm glad my sister enjoys going on rides with me.

We went back to Cars one more time in the late evening. We wanted to see if we could win, but we never did. But who cares...it was so fun to go multiple times.

We were headed out of the park and got a call that we hoped never to receive. Emebet and Mom had been headed back to the hotel and Mom tipped the scooter (14). This wasn't surprising to us. If you watch her drive, you feel like it is only a matter of time until she zooms around a corner and falls over, but we were always telling her to be careful. We both felt terrible that we weren't with her, but Emebet was calm and collected and so helpful. Luckily, Mom only got a few bruises from the incident. I feel like she was very blessed that it wasn't worse.

I believe that I was the only one who came out intact. Emebet had sore feet from walking and a hurt ankle, since Miranda accidentally ran over her earlier. Mom, of course, had bruises from her fall. And Miranda ended up with a terrible cold when she got back. I felt fantastic the whole time. It really was a great trip.

Wednesday had the three of them headed back to the park, but I was just doing some shopping in Downtown Disney before heading to the airport. Parting was sad. It was so nice to meet Emebet, and I love seeing my mom and sister. This was a great gang.

I never found my Mickey Ears (15). I have seen a LOT of Mickey ears over the years. I have always wanted some, but I'm just not sure what kind I want. While there, I decided that I wanted daisy ones. I have seen lots with flowers and I think they are really cute. Turns out, they don't sell those. All the flower ones are homemade. Like this one.

I tried on some silver ones, but they just weren't right. I guess I will find (or make) my Mickey Ears another day.

Other Shopping:

- I looked around for a pin for ages, but never could decide on one to get. Sorry for wasting your time Miranda.

- I love this hoody that Miranda bought.

- I bought a shoe for my shoe tree. You'll see that later. I made Mom promise not to buy any for me. I used very specific words. "You may not buy a shoe for me...or Tyler...or any of the kids." She joked that maybe Moxy needed a shoe. :)

- I did finally find a gift for the kids. Simple, but personal. I really liked them.

Then it was time to head home. I was picked up by Uber again. The driver asked me where I was going and I said, "To the happiest place on earth."
"Oh, you are going to Disney world?"
"No, I'm going home. That is my happiest place."
He thought that was the best thing he had heard yet.

That about wraps up my Disney adventure this time around. Thanks again a million Mom for sharing the trip with me. Emebet, you are so kind and genuine. It was great to meet you. Miranda, you are an awesome sister. I love hanging out with you. We will win next time. And until then...to Infinity and Beyond!!

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meganmushrat said...

I always forget how big I am until I see myself in pictures (sigh). But didn't we have a good time! Emebet says it is her favorite place now and can hardly wait to go again - although she says that part of the reason it was such fun was the people she was with. She is such a sweet person.