Friday, November 18, 2016

October Phone Dump

My phone dump posts are some of my favorites and quite therapeutic. First, they catch all those little moments that make me smile. Second, it proves that I did indeed pick up the camera at some point during the month. And finally, it gives closure. Almost like you can put that month officially behind and say I am caught up to that point at least. And so I give you October in random pictures:

I found some old sparklers and tempted the kids outside one evening. No special occasion. Just sparklers.

When June got her nails done for her birthday, I got my toes done. I couldn't decide on a design so I picked some sunflowers and some other blossoms. I liked them both. And they have lasted a good long while.

I love to find the kids snuggling on the couch or reading. The older two were immersed in the Lunar Chronicles. They finished them all and their poor mother is still trying to catch up. (I'm on book three. I'll get there eventually.)

Robyn and Daisy were playing one morning. They do know that I frown on them drawing on themselves. So they did the next best thing. I appreciated their creativity. Plus, I love to see the kids play together and enjoy their imagination.

Our ward had a game night. This was the poster they came up with for advertising. Can you see Tyler and I down in the lower corner?

We didn't have to compete. Instead, they asked us to be the game show hosts. It was really fun. For the occasion, I found the most outlandish outfit to 'Vanna' in. You couldn't miss me up there in all those sequins. The best part was that it was pants. I sure wish I owned a pants suit like that.

During Student Led Conferences at the Junior High, they usually have the art show going as well. This time of year, they do seventh grade artwork, but what I didn't realize is that they display current 7th grade art and 7th grade art from the end of last year. June was excited that she would a piece in there. And Robyn had one too. We found Robyn's piece. She did such a good job.

Her plant artwork would have been on display but she forgot to put her name on it, so it was lost in a pile. You can see June's similar pieces from last year here. June got to do a color piece at the end of the year. I think it turned out very well.

It was funny because she was looking for her name on the list of artwork and she found it twice. She didn't think she had two in the show. But after she looked around, she spotted the other one. She was surprised because she didn't think this was her best work. Guess even average June makes the cut.

Tyler decided out of the blue that we should go on a date and try one of those 'Get out Games.' Have you heard of those? You are put in a room and given clues and try to escape in under an hour. We went to one called Escapes in Time. Here is our crew. (Left to right: Nate, Dee, Maleen, Tyler, Deanne, Darin, Nate, Camie, Jonny, and Beth.) We didn't know Nate and Dee. They came along for the ride, but they were a great couple.

We did a Sherlock Holmes theme. We were put in a small room with a million locked boxes. We  turned over the hourglass and we were off. Nate read our beginning clues. (I didn't take any other pictures because it was pretty dark and we were madly deducing clues.)

Memories: I solved an awesome math problem by myself...before Jonny. I was proud that I found the clue at the end of the rat tail. No one could figure out how to open the camera although we had all tried at least once. The lady running the show had a broken leg, so she texted us our clues. I liked that method more anyway. There was too much going on at once. If you were working on a clue, someone was solving a puzzle across the room, so whereas we got it all figured out, there were some things that I never got to try. It seemed everyone had a burst of inspiration at some point. I totally called that the exit would be through the bookcase. It was fun, but Tyler didn't think it was worth the price.

We did make it out in time, although not record time as our sign says.

Robyn still does awesome art outside at random times. And I still try to get a picture before it gets washed away. (A cute fairy didn't make it through a rainstorm last month.) Here is a unicorn fawn? Whatever she is, she's pretty cool.

Ah, the personal progress Olympics. This was the closing ceremony and awards night. That is a lot of medals on those tables.

The girls only got a medal if they finished an entire value. I was very proud of all the girls. June earned a medal by finishing her Virtue value.

I like this picture because it reminds me that June will not be the shortest girl in class, like her mother. (She does have heels on, but still...not too short. Please to notice how many medals Abby got. She killed it.)

Robyn did a lot of work, but didn't complete any values. She is well on her way though. Check out these cool Olympic torches.

This next picture is probably my favorite of the month. We were shopping at a store that will remain unnamed to protect its identity. A lady near me suddenly gasped and said, "Don't move. They are so fast. She grabbed a nearby container and with the precision of  a ninja placed it over a mouse. The mouse didn't run, which was surprising. She wasn't sure what to do next, so I grabbed a lid and helped her put it on. By then, she was shaking and I told her we would take care of it. Cute little guy.

He was probably not feeling the best considering the lack of running, although he did move around just fine in the container. We took him to the information desk. I hope they didn't kill him. Someone said they let them go if they find them.

If you are wondering, I still shop at that store. I don't feel like the store is unsanitary. Mice are creative creatures. I'm sure many grocery stores find little visitors.

We have an apple tree, but it doesn't produce the best apples. The ones that do grow usually have holes or fall off early. We certainly are not banking on applesauce from our tree. I thought all the apples were gone, but there seemed to be one lone fruit that hung on and grew and grew. It hadn't reached Roald Dahl size, but I wonder what would have happened if we left it on the tree. Here is Ivory displaying our apple before we ate it.

Pearl and I went on a date to see The Secret Life of Pets. You can skip it. I would have much rather seen Kubo or Pete's Dragon. I felt like it was a novel concept that was not developed into a good story. Oh well. It was still fun to hang out with Pearl.

And that about wraps up October. I did find this cyborg selfie on my phone. Never know what the kids will do when they get the phone.

I won't lie. It feels good to dump those pictures off the phone.

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meganmushrat said...

Your phone dumps are like a window in the wild world of the Caziers. You guys seem to have so much fun. By the way, I thought you made smashing game hosts. Looked better than the real article!