Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Concerto in C

And C stands for Cazier of course!

We love music around here. All types. I love that the kids play musical instruments. June has been playing violin for several years now. It is fun to listen to her practice and she comes home with recognizable songs. (Why is it that music teachers often choose music no one has heard before?) Concert time is always a great time; especially now that June is in chamber orchestra. They really sound pretty good. Can you find her out there? (Hint: second row)

Because I can't get up close pictures, I made her hold her violin for a picture afterward. She's so cute.

I'm excited for the Christmas Concert. I have heard Nutcracker during practice.

Robyn started percussion this year. Luckily, the band teacher is a percussionist herself, so they don't get stuck in the back playing the same monotonous beat over and over. Robyn attends a percussion class instead of band. Then she is given some music to play with the band, but she didn't practice with them until it was closer to the concert.

For the actual concert, she played at the beginning with just the percussion. She played bells. We managed to sit on the wrong side for actually seeing her. She is kinda hiding over there.

Then for the beginning band, she was scheduled to play snare drum, but the teacher had her switch a few weeks before the concert. Robyn was a little nervous learning a new part so quickly, but she did a great job and felt proud to be playing the bass. Because it is so big it draws a lot of attention. The drum is almost as big as she is.

I think she had a great time. And I think she really enjoys percussion. Last time I heard, it was her favorite class. That is high praise, since she has art as well this semester.

Look at her back there. Still hard to see, but worth listening to.

Speaking of music, Robyn found a strange music video and showed it to me tonight. She enjoyed the music. I actually thought my sister would like it. So, this one is for you Miranda.

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meganmushrat said...

I actually started on violin, but after listening to the screeching noises, my parents took it away and had me take piano lessons instead. I do love the sound of a violin. I like drums too!