Sunday, July 22, 2007

Picture Practice

I need to learn how to use pictures

Okay, so now I know how to move pictures, but can I get one farther down in the text?
Okay, since I am playing with pictures, I'll put a few on here that make me laugh. This one is Ivory after mashed potatoes. And I think it is a good shot of her belly. We make fun of her all the time since her belly sticks out farther than anything else. We may have to stop soon before she has a complex.
I apologize about pictures being right and left but I am practicing. These next ones just show how patient and...pretty Tyler can be.

These last ones are Lyncoln and Ivory. I was watching Lyncoln and after I put her on a pillow, Ivory decided that she needed to share in the excitement, so she plunked down next to her. They are cute, and amazingly almost the same size. (although they are almost a year apart)


Deanne said...

You're a regular pro at pictures! And Tyler does look pretty. Cute kiddos!

Kari said...

We do have cute little girls Maleen. Thanks for always being there when I need help. Your the best.