Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tagged, of course

I told Deanne that I didn't want to be tagged, so of course Keri got me, but I will be a trooper and put my info in, although it is not much to read.

4 jobs I have had
- Pizza Factory (best food ever)
- Data Entry (most-boring ever)
- Narrows Glen Retirement Home
- Bread by Rebecca

4 movies I could watch over and over again
- Princess Bride
- Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
- Thoroughly Modern Millie
- Almost anything Disney Animated

4 places I have lived
- University Place, WA
- Kiev, Ukraine
- Deseret Towers (it's a world of its own)
- Here

4 TV shows I watch
- American Idol
- So you think you can dance
- Friends (back in the day)
- Scrubs/The Office

4 favorite vacations
- San Diego with Tricia
- California with my parents
- Anywhere with Tyler
- Washington D.C. with my class

4 favorite restaurants
- Carrabas
- Cafe Rio
- Tucanos
- Red Lobster

4 favorite smells (I don't really do daily websites (except maybe my blog now) and I was intrigued by Deanne's smell question, in fact I was up until midnight last night discussing smells with my husband--thanks Deanne)
- Coffee Beans (no this is not a confession)
- Glue (neither is this)
- Citrus anything
- Baking bread

4 places I would rather be right now
- Taking a nap
- In a perfectly clean house
- With Tyler
- Shopping

4 people I challenge to do this
- Kari W.
- Camille N.
- My Mom (I know you don't have a blog, you can email me)
- Becca H. (although I don't think she has my blog address, I'd better give it to her huh?)

That's it people. Do you know more about me?

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Anonymous said...

Maleen, I love you! I was reading your preferences on movies and tv and we have a lot in common! No wonder we love watching shows together:) Your pics of your girls are so cute, you rock!