Monday, July 30, 2007

It Pays To Read

I always sign up my kids (and myself for that matter) for the Summer reading program, but we usually don't turn in our reading sheets. I usually will fill out some book summaries, and I have won a prize each year during the weekly drawings. This year, I noticed that they have a party with their grand-prize drawing, so I thought I would check it out with the kids.

We turned in their reading sheets first, and I was impressed with the prizes. There were over twenty coupons to local businesses and the girls got a flashlight to boot. (I think it goes with the Get a Clue mystery theme for this year). Ivory, being younger, got a free board book and a free portrait at Kiddie Kandids. Pretty cool I think. Then we moseyed on up to the Grand Prize Drawing party. They had popsicles for everyone and a door-prize entry. They started with an entertainer, but it was probably one of the weirdest things I have heard in a long time. He had his computer on stage and would do loop recording, adding a new sound every few seconds, and you could hear them all blended together. It was very techno, and for all you Friends fans out there, it was pretty much the same as Ross' music, although maybe not as good (scary huh?). His last song talked about how cupcakes can kill you (I thought my kids were going to be traumatized). But then he finished (whew) and it was on to the door prizes.

They had a quick activity where people could come up and talk about a book they enjoyed and get a candy bar. June was thrilled about that, so we volunteered and told about a few books we read this summer. Then they did the drawing--they must have had about 35 or more prizes, and it seemed most everyone got something. They called my name and Tyler's but there is only one prize per household so we left with a gift certificate to Brick Oven. Sadly, we did not win the Laptop Grand Prize, but I wasn't expecting that much.

It was still fun to attend and have the library award you for reading. I love to read anyway, and I hope I can keep doing programs like this to inspire my kids. I don't know if we will attend the pool party they have at the end since my kids are young, but we might check it out one of these years. I challenge all you mothers out there to do the summer reading program next year with your children. Maybe I'll see you at the Grand Prize Drawing? See for more information.


Jodi Fairbanks said...

I have to tell you Maleen, that I read your comment on Deanne's blog. And then I went Keri's and you have been tagged! Ker has done it to you. So I would be interested in seeing your answers!

Ker said...

Yeah Maleen- I'd be interested too! LOL

Maleen said...

Ha ha Keri, I hope you are happy, and I had a lot of fun, so thanks!