Monday, December 10, 2007

Advent Activities

We have had a lot of fun doing our advent activities. I have been woefully poor about taking pictures. This mostly involves forgetting the camera wherever I go. Last Saturday with all the snow swirling around, we braved the storm and went to visit Father Christmas. He is a nice man who looks very much like Santa (he has the beard and glasses) but he isn't there to talk to the children about what they want for Christmas. Instead he talks to them about problems they are having and what they can be doing for others. You bring a card with information about your child and someone reads the information to Father Christmas on a ear microphone while your child talks with him. This lends to the mystery about how he "knows" so much. The kids seemed to enjoy it and Ivory even sat on his lap after being offered a candy-cane. I forgot my camera of course. There was even someone from the Deseret News asking us questions. We may be in the paper soon (who knows?).
Other advent adventures include crafts, caroling, and face painting.
This one was so easy and the kids love it every time. I didn't catch June until after she got back from school (hence the faded candy cane).
There is no treat for this last week. I just didn't feel like making the one we pulled out of the jar, so there you have it. I hope to get back in business this week.
Oh, and how are you doing on your conference reading? I am staying above water, barely, but I enjoy every one that I read. Don't get too busy this season to forget the important things.


Frog Gel said...

Wow, was that all free hand? If so you are very good. Even though you haven't been feeling like doing much at least you've done more than me. Good job.

Michelle said...

Oh, Maleen, I hope you start to feel better soon!!! Thanks for the reminder of the important things in life!! I need to get back to my conference reading!!!

Deanne said...

So fun! I will definitely need to get details about Father Christmas from you. The face paints look great!

Ker said...

Very very CUTE