Monday, December 17, 2007

In a One Horse Open Sleigh

...or carriage, as this truly was. The Riverwoods Mall has a free carriage ride on Monday nights.
It is strictly a first come-first serve basis and it isn't a very long ride, but the kids sure enjoy it. The carriage just travels around the Mall and then back to the beginning in front of Tucanos.
I actuallly think the travel time is just right for restless kids and then of course there is the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory nearby to snag a treat from at the end.
It isn't a fancy ride but this is our second year running and we really enjoy going.


The Gillespie Family said...

That looks like so much fun! And fudge to top it all off??? Yummmm!

Ker said...

Cutie girls oh and I guess the Stallion looks dapper too. Fun times! Fun memories

Michelle said...

Oh, how fun!!! I have always wanted to ride in a horse drawn carriage!!! What a great memory for your family. You should probably scrapbook it!!