Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I Hope She Never Changes

Everyone knows June has her own sense of style and I keep wondering if that will be the way she is forever or one day she will snap out of it and start matching things. Well fortunately, there is no change in sight. My Uncle has an eight year old daughter and he sent along some hand-me-downs that she has outgrown. I love getting clothes from people. My girls do not care in the least. They are always thrilled when 'new' clothes come their way. The Taufa's are often dropping off bags of surprises for the girls and it always feels like Christmas.
So I unloaded the clothes on my bed and June dug right in asking what was her size. She picked out a skirt in particular that she needed to wear right away. Her little pre-school shirt was too long and it was covering most of the skirt, so I told her to go choose another shirt to wear. There were plenty of options that may have not matched exactly but would have been somewhat coordinated. Perhaps a solid color with a small design. But no, she went for the shirt that may have matched the least.

She thought the outfit was great and she wanted pictures and Daddy to come home right away to see it. She eventually found a crocheted belt that didn't match either, but by this time, who's keeping track. It is so odd to me, but at the same time, I hope she never changes.


Desmama said...

Oh, hey, my daughter has that blouse! But I do believe it has never looked as good as when paired with that skirt your daughter chose. ;)

Michelle said...

I just love her sense of style. It totally fits her cute personality!!!

Frog Gel said...

I love how June wears whatever her heart desires. I hope she'll never let anyone tell her that she should change her style.

Raging Stallion said...

It's a good thing her Dad's not a designer or something. People might worry about his ability to conceptualize color coordination and what not. What? Her Dad's a web designer? Hmmm. You know I didn't notice the subtleties of the style involved here. Yes, very high class.