Friday, December 21, 2007

A Night In Bethlehem

Our ward did something different for the Christmas party this year. We had a night in Bethlehem and everyone dressed in biblical attire and we traveled back in time.

It was really fun. I can't say that our clothes were very traditional. The girls were sporting princess togas but we got in the spirit. Tyler almost wore my pink bathrobe (he said it would be dressing in the colors of his family) but in the end we all opted for togas.

We were given money as we came into the market and there were booths where we would purchase food. Can you see me holding the little money bag?

At the butchers we got some ham and turkey and at Carb's Inn we got rolls and potatoes, etc. The girls liked the bakery the most of course and we made several trips there at the end of the meal.

It was a really neat experience. At the end, there was a short program where we sang and saw the nativity acted out. I was very impressed with the ward for trying this. I know it took a lot of effort from many people, but I think it was one of our best ward bonding moments. I mean, how can people sit on blankets together, sing Silent Night, and not feel closer?


Frog Gel said...

I thought it turned out so well too. It was really fun, and the kids really got into the whole dressing up thing. I brought my camera but totally forgot to take pictures. So I'm glad you had yours.

Sharon said...

Hey Maleen,

My mom's ward did that exact event...must be making a comeaback. She loved it! Also, I think you all did very well for getting into the spirit of the event and I agree, Silent Night on blankets is definitely a bonding moment;)

Also, I got my blog up and do you add friends or whatever? mine is


Michelle said...

WOW!!! I think that sounds like a great time. I missed our ward Christmas party--I was stuck in a snowstorm. UGH!! I really wish our ward would do something like this.

Sharon said...


It's me again - how do I add you to my blog friends thingy?


S&E Mack said...

That looks like it turned out really neat! Your outfits were great : ) Hope you had a good Christmas! Let's get together soon!