Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Nativity

Well the Christmas season has started in earnest. We don't have anything nearly as fun as Keri's elf Dugan, but we do have a family advent calendar in which we open a door daily and do an activity. The biggest hit so far has definitely been the chocolate advent calendars. We did a treasure hunt to find them on the 1st and the kids delight in opening them each morning (nothing like chocolate for breakfast--wish I had one).
Monday night we put together our Nativity letting the girls help place the pieces. I really like Nativities, but they are usually quite expensive. The only one I have bought myself is the little Fisher Price one (adorable) and I have another one if any one would like to purchase it ($25). I sold one on Ebay last year (for $40), but it would be a lot easier to not go through all that work again.

Regardless, we do have a very nice Nativity given to us at our wedding (there's one good reason to get married right before Christmas). But it is HUGE! In our first two apartments, we didn't even have room to set it up. With a house, we have more space now, but it takes over most of the kitchen island.

I was hesitant at first, but the house felt so empty without it up. So we did it for FHE. The kids loved putting the pieces in and hearing the story again. They like the baby Jesus most of all. Robyn asks to play with it, and that is precisely why I got the Fisher Price set. Our large nativity is not so child friendly, but I will let her stand next to it and move a few things around.
It was good to sit down with the kids and recall the real reason for the season. I love the Santa side of Christmas too, but it wouldn't be Christmas without Jesus.


S&E Mack said...
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Deanne said...

We don't own a Nativity. It's on the list. We acted out the Nativity for FHE (a little early, I know, but the boys have been focusing a little too much on the Santa part, so we had to steer them in the right direction). I love the FP set. I think that will be our first set. The girls look like they were loving it!

Maleen said...

Everyone-- I did sell the extra set I have, but you can find them online, at (they are 24.99). We originally bought three to get free shipping and then we sold the other two. They would make great gifts, so don't be afraid to go searching for your own. Good luck and thanks to those who were interested. I am very happy that I didn't have to sell it on ebay again.