Sunday, April 27, 2008

Birthday Party for Robyn

It is funny how blessings can come in disguise. We have been trying to finish our loft and make it into a fourth bedroom, but it hasn't happened yet. Well, we had family scheduled to come down and work on it this weekend, which would have been wonderful, but then Robyn's party would have needed to be outside and the girls and I would have had to find different lodging for the weekend. At the last minute family called and said they couldn't make it to finish the loft. That is sad because I do want the room finished before the baby comes, but oh my goodness, I was so happy to not stress about the party. It was a tad chilly and somewhat windy outside, so it would not have been ideal conditions to have a birthday party. We tried one game outside at the end of the party and it was ridiculous with all the wind. Soooo, life was much better inside. And guess what, I already had the loft all cleaned out so it made the perfect spot for the festivities.

I usually do family parties for the girls but since June had a friend party last time, Robyn wanted the same thing. I've decided that about 8 kids is a good number. This means she does NOT get to invite all her friends, but I don't go crazy with too many kids in one space. And for some reason, it seems party supplies are often sold in packs of eight (don't ask me why).
We played some fun games with the kids (Bingo, and a number game that was a big hit). I was surprised that Ivory caught onto Bingo faster than some of the older kids. She knew each picture and was pleased to put an M&M on it when it was called (of course, she had no idea what four in a row was).

The dice game was fun. Everyone danced while the music played and found a number when the music stopped. We rolled our big die and if your number was picked, you had to sit down. Simple enough, but everyone really liked it. Pomai especially enjoyed Tyler's dancing (too bad he had the camera or I would have recorded it). Madison and Pomai were our big winners and in this picture they really do stand a head taller than the rest. In fact, I give Pomai about 3 years and she will probably be taller than I am (of course, that isn't hard to accomplish).

Then of course, there is the cake. Here I was bragging just a couple months ago how I always make the girls' cakes and I like to make them creative. Well, yes, I bought Robyn's cake this time and it was so nice. I couldn't imagine trying to make a cake amidst construction on the house (back when we were still planning on that), so I just ordered one that Robyn picked out. Wow, it was super easy to just pick it up before the party. It was a piece of cake (Ha, ha, bad pun, I know). Robyn has a hard time choosing things, but I was happy with her final choice (mainly because it wasn't princess related).

We put it down in front of her and she blew out three of the four candles before we had finished singing. So we lit them again and after the song she couldn't seem to blow them out again. I think she has plenty of air, just no aim. So with a little help from Dad, we finally extinguished them all.

Anyway, I think Robyn had a good birthday party. I threw in this last picture because it makes me laugh that party hats look like dunce caps.


Raging Stallion said...

"I've decided that about 8 kids is a good number." With that statement in print, you can never give me a hard time about having more kids!

With that many chances, I think we might get our boy after all--heck, we're only halfway there! Four boys, here I come!

Nice party. It was well organized. I'm not sure Tyler's dancing needed to be recorded...that's why I had the camera!

¡Vieve! said...

Parties with all the kids are fun! (I say this because I have never been to one.)

buhlersdayoff said...

hey that table and chairs look familiar!! j/k you guys are cute and I love that you made it a big celebration for her that was always my favorite part about birthdays!!

Melanie said...

How fun! I'm always amazed by the moms that voluntarily throw birthday parties with a bunch of kids in their own homes. I'm quite the un-fun mom when it comes to stuff like that.It looks like Robyn had quite a good time.

Maleen said...

Wow, if there ever were a phrase to be used out of context...
I'm pretty sure I wasn't signing myself up to have four more children.

Cindy B said...

Happy Birthday to Robyn! I can't wait to see your house when the construction is all done.

Kari said...

In the group shot I first notice how cute Seth is putting his arm around Liam. Than I looked again and Liam is totally holding himself. Are you glad you had boys there? Thanks again for inviting Liam and than last minute Seth. They had so much fun and can't stop talking about it.