Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Precious Moments

June is always coloring and making surprises for us (mom and dad). I just expect to get a little something from her everyday. Possibly this makes me less appreciative of her art and sweet gestures. However, the other day I was really touched.
I was in a bad mommy mood and on days like that it is best to stay off my list because each offense adds up until my bottle bursts. June was quickly getting there and after breaking the doors to her closet, I had had enough! I was going to have her stay on her bed the whole day (mainly so I wouldn't have to worry about her doing anything else and avoiding physical harm to her person). I yelled just a bit (yes, this is true admittance that I am certainly not a perfect mother) and then I left her in her room. I went to clean up her coloring projects and as I flipped over her paper, I found the message written on the right.

It is hard to read since it is in a light color of crayon, but it says, Dear Mom and Dad I love you. I was already feeling a tad guilty and this pushed the pregnancy emotions over the top. I started to cry and I went in and apologized for being so grumpy. I am sure June had NO idea what was wrong with her mother, but she certainly was glad to get out of her strict sentence.

I have to admit I enjoy the surprises more now that she is learning to write. The other one (impossible to read because she used letters to indicate words instead of writing them out) says, To Mom and Dad. A girl couldn't have better friends than you. She interpreted for me, but I could see the letters for each word and how she put them together. It was very sweet, and I thought I needed to post it (more for myself to remember on bad mood days). I still thank my lucky stars that even though I am not perfect, she seems to love me anyway.


Jodi said...

Very sweet- you need to keep that picture close for moments like that.

Stacy said...

Ashton gives me "drawings" nearly every day too, but I must say that June is a much better artist. Reading your post made me think that I take for granted his expressions of love as well. Pretty soon they will be teenagers and want nothing to do with us right and we will long for these days...at least that is what my parents are always telling me.

Kari said...

It always amazes me that my kids are so quick to forgive me when I blow up. Wish I was that quick to forgive and forget.

KA said...

I'm counting on my child's mercy, believe me.

Thanks for your sweet comments about my boy. It's fun when other people think he's cute :)

PS: I just posted my AI comments for the day.