Sunday, April 13, 2008

Conference Moments

Life has slowed down once again and I am back in business. So just expect a blog a day for a while as I catch up with my memories (aka journal writing).
I didn't have a chance to mention conference last week, but as always I was truly inspired by the words of our church leaders and I have resolved once again to be a better person. It is a good thing I get to do this every six months. President Monson stepped into his new position as prophet with authority and dignity. I sure wouldn't want to be the one to follow President Hinckley, but since this is not a popularity contest, but a calling from the Lord, there never was a doubt that he could fill the shoes he followed (he probably even has bigger feet). I love the apostles and the time they take to lead the church and teach the people. As always I await the conference Ensign with much anticipation.
Although Tyler has probably listened to the whole thing three times already. He likes to download the talks as soon as possible and play them on his day planner gizmo. He even got a new toy so he can listen to them in full stereo in the car (I am a little jealous). I may just have to listen to them on the computer. Although this will have to be done in the evenings when kids are not awake to distract me. I have really tried books on tape, but I can't compete with the outside noise yet. Just wait 'til I have them all in school at the same time (but since one is still in the oven, I am not overly excited about this option yet).
And this is a little off topic, but it made me laugh, so I will share it here. June knows that the baby is due in July and that my tummy has to get big and this means the baby is growing. So she looks at me today and says, "Mom, is the baby coming soon, because your tummy looks really big to me." Just what I was hoping to hear today. Nope June, luckily I still have 14 weeks left to get even BIGGER!! And now I wish I hadn't counted how many weeks because 14 seems like a LOT to me at the moment.
But back to conference. We had the Neilsen's over in the morning for breakfast. We always invite someone over to share in the conference spirit (waffles are a tradition). Ivory settled down with Eric for a little while and I thought it was darling (she won't sit with just anyone).

The girls were pretty good considering how long conference is for that age. They played and kept quiet most of the time. Here is Robyn admiring her handy work during the second session (she was tying Daddy's slippers together with extra string).

And then of course you have the conference nap. I try very hard not to take this nap during conference and I have done very well since I usually crosstitch (it keeps my hands busy and my mind awake to focus on the speakers). And fear not, Tyler is not sleeping during the session either. I caught him afterwards.

And so another conference is over but not without much resolve to do better. I know it will be hard as I am nearly perfect as it is, but there is always slight room for improvement.


Vieve! said...

Yea! Glad to see you're back!

Sharon said...

Yes, it must be difficult to struggle with perfection. Ah...the Lord awaits your twinkling moment. I love Conference and love to watch it by myself because when I cry through every talk, no one has to see it! Hugs darling,