Monday, April 14, 2008

Crack-Off Part Deux

So we had another crack-off while my parents were here. I don't think they care so much about winning; they just really enjoy decorating the eggs. And I love to see the designs they come up with. Every year my Dad's eggs end up in the top three spots. This year was no different, although I actually tied him for first place. The winners were Fire & Frost (middle row, second egg from the left) and Let's go bananas! (middle egg on the bottom row). We have basically given up on dying the eggs (too messy) and now we just use permanent marker. Maybe I will dye them again next year with the kids.
The Neilsen's were able to attend this crack-off to defend Eric's reigning champion status, but he lost, to my Dad. But we still had a great time and I look forward to a year where I might actually win.

p.s. Hadlock's--we used to do this tradition with you. Maybe we could actually get together again next year.


Deanne said...

Amazing eggs! I will have to try the permament marker thing.

Vieve! said...

I can't believe how good you people are at decorating the eggs!

S&E Mack said...

I am always so impressed by the creations everyone comes up with in decorating their eggs! Sounds like it was a good time! I wish we could have been there! I forgot to tell you when I talked to you today that we didn't end up getting to go to the CPR class either! I found out when I called Thursday afternoon to get directions that it was a two part class, one class tuesday, one thursday! I was so ticked! It wasn't on the schedule that way when I signed up! Luckily they gave us our money back. I thought it would be pointless to go to only half the class so we didn't go. Bummer huh?! Sorry we missed out on the crack off! Thanks for the invite anyway!

Emilie said...

As I have been reading about the crack off I have to admit I really missed it this year! Next year for sure!