Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Smidgeon of This and That

Tomorrow is Easter. Which is weird, because on the blog, we just had St. Patrick's Day. I conclude that the two holidays are too close together, or I have not been blogging. Or perhaps a little of both.

Around here, we have been cracking eggs like crazy. But much more has happened in between, so I will try to get some of it down on here. Not everything has pictures, but that is okay. (I'm trying to convince myself here that I am not a bad person because I don't take pictures of every small detail. Like when three children lost teeth is a very short space of time. It would have been nice to get some pictures of that. Especially since I pulled out Robyn's tooth with pliers. Ah....good times.)

Okay, well we may as well start there. Because I pulled out Robyn's tooth with pliers, she was feeling very brave and deserving and she wrote this letter to the tooth fairy:

(The outside of the letter said- TOOTH FARIY EYES ONLY!!)
Dear Tooth fairy,

     I worked really hard to get that tooth out! We tried almost everything. The day I deskovered it was when June lost her Canine. We tried the Grippers, (we is: Mom & dad) just wiggleing it and tugging on it. So it bled alot! And it was a canine and I'm not even NINE yet so please give me more then $1 "okay"

Thank you,



And "sorry" My dad couldent find the tooth pillow :( But anayaws old school works too.!

'Old school' is leaving it under your pillow and the tooth fairy had no problems finding it. She even was nice enough to leave her $1.50. I personally think that a well written letter goes a long way.

Like this letter for instance, written by June:

Dear Dad,

     I have come to understand that Pearl gets into countless thing. Many of which are mine. I have a plot to cease Pearl and Daisy's frequent break-ins to my room with a lock; a lock that cannot be opened with a clip, rather a key. I would like a lock because it will keep them from ruining anything of mine (or anything of Mom's that's in the closet.)

     Some things Pearl has recently gotten into are:
1. A bag of candy I got from Hannah's party, which I thought was safe buried under things on my desk.
2. The bag of pom-poms in Mom's closet.
3. A contained of Rubber-cement that I was using for my Biography Buddy.
4. She drew on a dolphin picture she wasn't supposed to draw on.

     Another thing I don't like them to do is come into my room, see something else that looks fun, and drop what they had on the floor. I usually leave for school with a clean room, and come home to a room littered with babies, blankets, books, and other toys that belong in Pearl and Daisy's room. 
     Some things she gets into don't seem too important, but things like the ruined dolphin picture are important to me.
     Would you please consider getting a lock for my door, so that I may protect my property.


For the record, I told her that if she wanted Dad to take her request seriously, she should write a proposal. She said, "What, like asking someone to marry you?" Ha, not that kind of proposal. I think her opinions were well voiced, and although she didn't get a lock, we did get one of those baby proof door handle things (very official name) and Pearl has not ransacked her room for a while.

Battle of the books was back at the beginning of this month. This year, I volunteered to help with the battles. It was really very fun. The kids take it so seriously. Robyn's team did very well. They won 3 out of 4 games on 'pool play' day and then she won two matches on game day. Her best friend made it to the finals, and it was good to discuss how we can be happy for our friends who do well.

June's school also did Battle of the books, but because they don't have a gym right now, they just played 5 games and totaled points for a winner. June's team didn't lose any battles, but they didn't get the highest number of points either. But she felt that she did well, and that is what matters.

We finally made it over to Kangaroo Zoo to celebrate Pearl's b-day. Even the older kids enjoy it.

I never did get a good picture of Daisy.

Ivory had a good time.

Robyn saw me taking a picture. She loves me so.

And of course the birthday girl.

June's school did another play—The Taming of the Shrew. I was impressed again with how well they all remembered their lines. June was a servant girl. She played her part very well. I'm not sure if I have ever seen this play before. It makes me want to find the movie, Kiss Me Kate and see if it is any good.

Our kids school does something called Dad's and Donuts. They invite the dads to come read with their kids for a short amount of time and they pass out donuts during the event. Tyler is a faithful attender. I happened to be at the school when the dads were arriving one morning, and I thought it was the cutest thing EVER. All these dads with blankets, bears, and books. Some were in suits, others came in biker chaps. It didn't matter how they came, it just mattered that they had taken time out to come. I think it was very touching.

In other not so touching news, June decided to see what would happen if you stick tweezers in a plug outlet. I might expect this from Daisy, but honestly, I thought June would know better. Don't worry, she didn't feel a thing, but the tweezers did melt a little and it tripped the breaker. I would not recommend this as a science experiment.

Crazy hair day came and went at June's school. Oddly, she and her best friend had their hair done the same way. (Great moms think alike.)

Have I mentioned that I finally let her read Harry Potter? I can't get the kid to put the books down.

And finally, we snapped a picture one afternoon while the kids were playing Sardines. It was funny to see them all lined up by the bed waiting for people to find them. I love that my kids play well together...most days.

Stay tuned for some Easter Eggstravaganzas!!


Aubry Macbean said...

I love "Taming of the Shrew". I watched "Kiss me kate" a long time ago. I think I liked it. You could probably find it at the library.

Emma Jo said...

The kid letters are my favorite. I finally started a little binder a couple of years ago where I slide them in little page protectors. They are hilarious and I love going back to read them - hopefully the kids find it entertaining someday too :)

¡Vieve! said...

You guys are busy busy! How much fun all of that was. I do recommend Kiss Me Kate, especially the 1950's version with Howard Keel.