Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Derby Delight

I would consider myself sheltered. It is amazing that I have been sky-diving. (Back in the day.) People would probably not call me a risk-taker or an experienced traveler. I don't know anything about drugs or alcohol. My tattoo is misleading. (Yes, I have a tattoo. But people are usually shocked when they find out. It doesn't really fit my bio.) I have been to maybe three rock concerts. (The last of which was probably The Cranberries.) Are you getting the picture? Small town girl who really does nothing very exciting. And I am FINE with that.

So when one of my friends told me she played roller derby and I should come watch a game, I had no idea what to expect. Most of my previous information about derby had come from an episode of Bones. I decided I should attend. First because she is a good friend of mine and I wanted to support her. Second...I needed to know more about this roller derby stuff. (There is such a thing as being too sheltered. Not me of course, but I'm sure it happens.)

And so I went. And it was awesome. I'm still not exactly sure how the rules work, but I have a better idea. These ladies are tough. My favorite may be the really pregnant coach on the left. She was working the floor in her heels and sassy attitude.

This is my friend, Tica Pica. (And her daughter.)

She did awesome that night. But she did injure her knee pretty badly. (Did I mention these gals are tough?) She was still skating when she should have been sitting down, or crying a little.

I like this shot of their backs because they have creative names on their jerseys. I wish I could have gotten more of them.

It was a really fun evening. I hope I can go back and watch another match soon. And I feel like I have stretched my turtle neck a little farther out of the shell. It feels good to stretch.

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Emma Jo said...

I just found out that our town has roller derby too! Perhaps I should follow suit. And I will be checking in periodically now that summer has begun - you cool people are always a step or two ahead so give me some good ideas :)