Friday, June 27, 2014


I don't really think of myself as an impulsive person. Spontaneous sometimes, but most of my decisions are still based on stable ideas and plans. Not that I am free from stupid decisions. (Who is?) But when it comes to my kids hair, I tend to be rather abrupt. Maybe it is the fact that I know it has to be cut eventually, and that it will grow again. But the trend is one moment they have hair and the next it is gone. And although I am not fabulous at cutting hair, it doesn't seem to stop me on my own children. You can see herehere, and here. Oh, and here.

You can probably see where this is leading. Pearl's hair was getting quite long. I didn't want to cut her hair for two reasons. First, I was sad to think that I was cutting off her chocolate dipped tail. Her hair was darker at birth, and when it grew out and turned lighter, her long tail was darker just at the bottom. It looked like I dipped it in chocolate. It had lightened up even more, and it didn't look like a tail anymore because it blended in with all her long hair. (But still...)

Second, I like her blond hair. I know it will most likely turn brown over time, but I didn't want to chop off her locks and realize that all her blond was gone.

She has been asking for a haircut for some time. I told her that we would cut it this summer. But I told her we would have to wait until after Disneyland, because I wanted to be able to braid it and keep it out of her face. Well...Disneyland is behind us, and Pearl was reminding me again. I was happily ignoring her. Plus, June was breathing out threats if I cut Pearl's hair. (She was definitely in the DO NOT CUT camp.)

So a few days ago, Pearl came in with a brush. The poor duck was trying to brush her own hair, but it was just getting tangled in her long locks. I knew it was time. I braided her hair so I could keep the blond.

Then I told Daisy to close the door so June wouldn't walk by and freak out. And then I cut her hair.

Goodbye hair.

Hello short stack. I think she looks adorable with her new hair cut.

It is funny how I get used to the new style so quickly. It seems like Pearl has looked like this forever. It makes her seem older.

Of course, I was in big trouble. As soon as Pearl left my room and ran down the hall, I heard June yell out. "MOM!!!!!"

And Pearl is still blond. I heard her telling the neighbor, "Mom thought my hair would be brown when she cut it off, but it's not. It's still blond."

So look for Pearl with her new look in upcoming pictures...

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