Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Week Three, Way to Be

This last week was a little out of order, but I have warned the kids from the beginning that our schedule is a loose one. We want to be flexible and go with the flow.

Monday we had just gotten back from our big trip. We didn't do anything beyond reorganizing our lives and planning stuff for our tardy Father's Day.

Tuesday we went on a field trip to the Bean Museum. They have renovated it, and it was fun to rediscover old favorites and lots of new ones. We brought a friend along, because sometimes I feel like 5 kids are not enough to watch.

Just kidding. I actually divided everyone into buddies and let them roam on their own. So I wasn't watching half of them most of the time. I figure this is good practice in an enclosed environment. Robyn was buddies with Emma.

June and Daisy explored together.

I kept up with Pearl and Ivory. They found a little play area.

Ivory then told me that I needed to come take a picture of her hand when she stuck it through the hole. Okay kiddo. Your wish is my command.

She told me to come in with her. Not happening. Then she told me there were wolf eyes inside. I will admit to being tempted, but my old body won out and I never did crawl down there.

Because the museum isn't too large, we kept running into other groups. We met by the butterflies.

And by the beetle.

Oddly, we had a hard time finding the stairs to the second floor. But we made it up there eventually. Nice view.

We found this fish on display. It is called a June Sucker. Not sure if that means he wants to get June, or that she is, indeed, a sucker.

We ventured down to the lower level where the auditorium is. I had looked ahead and saw that they only did animal shows at night, but we got there just as they were displaying Otis, the giant tortoise. Bonus.

Also on display downstairs are a lot of dead animals in cases. (Well, I guess the majority of the animals in the museum are dead. These ones weren't necessarily positioned for display.) We found a 'Vagrant Shrew.'

I guess his 'capping' didn't go so well. (That is a reference to The White Mountains. The kids are obsessed with it right now. Has a story ever taken over your home and your kids talk about it all the time?? I currently hear the word 'tripod' daily.)

We also found this Whiptail lizard. He was just like the one we found in Puckerbrush.

The museum was fun. And free. It is a great activity for summer.

Wednesday, we made our game that we missed from Monday; popsicle stick puzzles. They turned out really cute.

Most of them are signed, but you probably can't see them, so I labeled them for you. (Just one of the services I offer.)

June and Robyn made two puzzles each, but Ivory was the only one who did a double sided puzzle. This is her other side.

They seem to store well.

We stacked them all up and then made Dad put them all together when he came home. He did a good job. (Spoiler: They can be a little tricky, but they aren't too hard to put together.)

Thursday was another day off track. Tyler's work party was that day with lots of activities going on. First thing in the morning was a fun run. We all participated, if you count Tyler pushing the littles in the stroller again. I felt like there was less attendance than previous years, but all the better for us.

Tyler came in second in his age category. (PUSHING THE STROLLER EVEN!) I came in first, barely, in my age bracket. And Ivory came in third. Ironically, I was very excited for this year because I would be in an older age bracket. But had I been one year younger, I could have walked and come in second. (They were a little sparse in the 25-34 group.)

Tyler played golf later in the morning and had a good time, I believe.

The girls and I took advantage of the free swimming. We had a blast. We still have some non-swimmers, but we all played together and had a great time.

In the evening they had the annual BBQ. This is where they give out prizes for the fun run. Ivory was ecstatic with her $10. (Later that night she was quizzing me about how often they did the run. She was disappointed that it was only once a year.)

Tyler got some cash too.

As well as littl' ole me. (I don't think I have ever come in first in any type of run before. Please don't be too impressed. It was only 2 miles. Okay, you can still be a little impressed.)

Pearl didn't get money, but someone did give her a hand.

Tyler was part of the entertainment that evening. He is pretty killer on the guitar. (Even the inflatable guitar.)

Later that same evening, we went over to see friends who moved a year or so ago. It is always nice to catch up. We sure miss you Macbeans.

Thanks for the treats and especially the cherries.

Friday we watched Nut Job, and I was thrilled to sit still for a while. It sure gets busy around here. But that is what summer is for. It is for lazing around and going at full tilt. We seem to be doing a bit of both.

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