Thursday, June 5, 2014

Kindergarten Kraziness

Daisy was a great Kindergartner this year. I have really been impressed with the leaps and bounds she has made in reading and writing. This school year has been a game changer for her.

They seem to make a big deal out of Kindergarten Graduation. I'm not really sure why. Is it because they are young and cute and parents want to see them dressed up? I feel like all my kids work hard and deserve a pat on the back. But the big graduation ceremonies are reserved for sixth grade and Kindergarten. (I get the sixth grade thing, but kindergarten??) Oh well. Just go with it.

This year they opted to do a Kindergarten program where ALL the classes met together and sang patriotic songs and then they divided for individual class graduations. I thought the 2nd grade Patriotic Program was crowded. This was even crazier. People everywhere.

I took this picture before the songs started. I love it. It is a bunch of five and six year-olds. Check out all the funny expressions.

I do admit that they were super cute performing. It was almost worth all the extra crowds and having to park two miles away. Almost.

Then they split up. We went to the library for Daisy's big moment. Here she is entering with her class.

She received her diploma with grace. (Read: She grabbed it and almost sat down before the teacher could say anything about her. She still has a bit of a shy side at times.)

Daisy loved her teacher this year. Mrs. Kellogg was fantastic. She had a baby in the winter and came back to finish up the year. What a trooper.

Then I couldn't help but take another picture when we got outside. There is just something so cute about a Kindergartner. (I get it. I'm not made of stone.)

I see big things in her future. Like....1st grade.

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meganmushrat said...

Hard to believe you only have one more to make it through Kindergarten. Isn't Pearl going to be in pre-school next year? Wow - you'll have times with nobody at home but you!