Monday, June 2, 2014

Jumping in with Both Feet

It only takes one day for things to change. Don't worry, I'm not talking about anything life-altering here.


Here are the kids on the last day of school as I was about to drive them for the whole hour and a half they had to attend.

They had a good time and we partied the rest of the day with water and friends. It was a perfect end to the school year. And then suddenly, it was summer. Summer, long ago, stopped being defined by weather changes or days on the calendar. It is when you no longer have to be trapped in a building for hours of the day. Freedom.

I'm excited to hang out with my monkeys this summer. Sadly, I immediately sent one away to camp. Although I did not grow up around here, Clear Creek seems to be all the rage. And June could really use some time away from us. Not because she doesn't like it around here. On the contrary, I think she likes us too much. Separation is good. It is healthy to one's growth. I miss her already though. And I may have checked the camp schedule a couple times today just to see what she is doing at any given moment.

But she is in good hands and with friends.

They did spell her name wrong, but this isn't the first time, and it won't be the last. We do tend to be a bit CRAZIER than the next family.

The rest of us have had a good day. Our activity today was going to the Dollar Store and choosing two items; one for a friend and one for themselves. (I'm surprised how many people I saw there that I knew. The Dollar Store is a hot spot.) Ivory had the hardest time choosing. But she seemed happy with her choices. (This was a great exercise in decision making.)

The Blow Pops were popular.

Robyn bought herself an extra item, but the spray bottle is the biggest hit. We have all been sprayed much to our enjoyment. (It is getting hot around here.)

Pearl....ha ha....look at that face. I think she is darn excited to have her own huge soda bottle.

My favorite find of the day was the 'tokens'. Ivory and Daisy found these and were super excited at the thought of buying a stack of tokens. I had to say no, but I appreciated the ingenuity. Nice try girls.

Summer is going to go quickly. I can already tell. Let's hope I can keep up.

One last picture. Robyn came to me dressed as an armored captain. She told me to take a picture and put it on the blog. Check.

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meganmushrat said...

I certainly hope one fun summer is ahead!