Wednesday, April 8, 2015

New Beginnings

I'm still pretty new to the whole Young Women's scene from this side. I, of course, was in Young Women's when I was 12-18, but that was a long time ago, and now I am getting to see things from a whole new perspective as June starts what will be a long journey for us, with 5 girls.

I am getting the hang of some things. Near the beginning of the year, they have New Beginnings. Every year there is a new theme for the youth. This is an event to introduce the theme, and welcome new girls that will be turning 12 during the year. Last year, June was one of those girls.

This year the theme is "Embark in the Service of God". Because the program is run by women, everything was very cutsie, creative, and well organized. (I'm just assuming the Young Men don't get quite as elaborate.) Everyone was given a boarding pass for the evening and we were to come in cruise attire. June doesn't have a lot of cruise attire, but she looked very cute nonetheless.

See what I mean about time spent making things look themey and authentic? Very cute.

We had a chat from our captain (the Bishop) and then we were on our way. It looks like some passengers are ready to go.

Each stop was named after a Young Women Value. We docked at Port Faith first. ( much work put into this.)

Then Divine Nature Bay.

I promise we were paying attention and soaking in all the great lessons even though we were taking selfies at Individual Worth and Knowledge Pier. (We took pictures as we were sitting down.)

For sure the best stop was this one.

There was a ton of cute themed food. My favorite were the clams. (With pearls of course. And not real clams. They were cookies, but you probably knew that.)

June is eating some kind of food here that is now blurry and unrecognizable. (Maybe chocolate covered strawberries. Yum. Oh, and look...this was during her splinted finger week.)

Lots of good things that evening. They finished the event with a fun photo booth. We sure are a snazzy family. We would blend right in with the natives.

Here is June with the other girls her age. Yay Beehives!!

Next year Robyn will be invited to New Beginnings since she will be turning 12. Crazy how fast these girls are growing.

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meganmushrat said...

I think its great that both you and Tyler were able to attend. Get used to it - you have a lot of potential young women in your family! What fun.