Friday, April 24, 2015

Pearl's 5 Year Gallery

One would think that Pearl would be the easiest to photograph since I have more time with her than any of my kids. We could take any morning and go out for a photo shoot. Clearly that is not the case. This morning a previous appointment was canceled and Pearl did not have school. That left us a very open schedule.

No time like the present. "Time for pictures," I told Pearl. She was all for it. She ran off and got all dressed in her fanciness. (I didn't even help her choose an outfit.) She requested braids and you might notice that she is wearing the same headband from last year.

Although I am a month (or two) behind, I have been thinking about taking her pictures. In fact, I kinda wanted to take them up at the tulip festival. But you are not supposed to take portrait pictures unless you get a photo pass for $75. We did go up to the festival (used my membership and everything. Booyah!!) and there were plenty of people taking portrait pictures. And we took some family shots as well, but I think that is standard fare. If I had taken Pearl's gallery up there, my conscience would have had something to say about it.

So I chose the next best option...the temple...which happens to have lovely tulips out front. It was like a miniature festival with no steep price tag or guilt. Win/win.

I hope you enjoy Pearl and her cheery smile. She is a fantastic kid. Especially when she is in a good mood. (Then again, aren't most of us more enjoyable on a good day.)

I love my little peapod. I wouldn't say she is blonde anymore. Her hair is light brown, but compared to the rest of us darkies, she still wins the fair award. And glasses.


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meganmushrat said...

I will say this - you and Tyler sure produce cute kids. It's hard to believe that Pearl is five already - she is really growing up. Great pictures!