Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pearl's 4 Year Gallery

Around the corner from our house is a field. Not much happening there. Just a field. No animals, or old buildings. I think the neighbor kids play games there sometimes, but we are pretty new and haven't explored it much. One day not too long ago, I drove past, as I often do and noticed the field was a new color. It had turned purple. Little wild flowers covered the ground. It was beautiful.

I never fail to glance at the field when I drive by. I wonder how long the color will last. The family has been on walks there, but for some reason, I have not been with them. So needless to say, when I was thinking about where to take Pearl for her pictures, the field kept popping into my mind. I wanted to remember the field, and I wanted to go do my own exploration.

Granted, I didn't chose the best time. The hour before conference started, I noticed it was overcast (better weather for picture taking) so I told Tyler I was headed out the door. He mentioned that I couldn't be gone long, and I knew it. I got pictures, but not a lot of exploring done. Guess that will come later.

Pearl was such a good little picture taker. She has a mischievous smile right now. And sometimes she got very silly. But I love all of her fun expressions. I hope you enjoy the purple flower field photo shoot. (Say that five times fast.)


I have to admit that I am loving the ages of my girls right now. Pearl is old enough to keep up. No more naps and diapers. June is young enough that she still loves imagining and playing with her sisters. They are all so fun. I think we will have a really great summer this year.

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