Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Soccer - The Final Showdown Again. If you missed round one, you are welcome to catch up here.

Caught up?

Last season's highlights: Daisy is cute. Daisy is not really made for soccer.
This season: Much of the same.

She didn't complain about running at all this time around. And she went to games that included snow, rain, and HEAVY wind. She didn't whine. She also didn't kick the ball that much or make any goals.

We were faithful cheerleaders - Pearl, Dad, and me. One of us was always there. (Well, I'm pretty sure if Pearl was there, there was probably an adult as well.)

I didn't take as many pictures this time around. (Slacker mom.) Here is a nice day, weather wise.

Oh, I thought I took one on the day it snowed. Proof that I did.

I was wondering somewhere along the way if Daisy knew that she was not the most stellar player. She did say one time, "I have never made a goal." And I naturally said the programmed parental response, "That doesn't matter. As long as you try your best and have fun." (I really do believe that, but it is kind of a bummer NEVER to score a goal.)

Today was the last day. It was super, SUPER, windy!! I made all the kids come so that we could support Daisy. It was trying. Robyn went home early with Dad. (I wanted her out of the wind. She is just getting over being sick. Spoiler: stay tuned for news of her best birthday present...strep.) Pearl and June kept each other entertained, and Ivory hunkered on my lap trying to soak up my heat, but ironically making a nice windbreak for me.

The soccer kids were playing well. They were dueling the Queen Bees, so it looked like ketchup and mustard on the field. At half time Daisy posed with her orange. Can you see her hair flying in the wind?

It was like that the ENTIRE time, unless you count the four (yes, I did count them) brief seconds that it stopped blowing.

I mentioned to the mom next to me that I wished (this being their last game) that they could somehow stage it so all the kids who hadn't scored a goal all season could kick one in. (But it is possible that my child was the only one who hadn't scored a goal, and it wouldn't be right to stage it. I am a firm believer in earning your rewards. There is a place for winning and losing.)

That said, I sat in the chilly wind and cheered for the Red Dragons for the last time.

Daisy was slowing down. I was encouraging her just to get in there and kick the ball once or twice, while simultaneously not really caring since it was the last game. The Queen Bees were actually quite good. They had some aggressive, strategic players. (June likes to keep score. When she asked, I just said that I think the Bees had scored more goals. Like a lot more.

Someone yelled one minute. Nice. Time to get out of the wind.

And then the miracle happened. DAISY SCORED!! SHE MADE A GOAL!! Kaiona (one of our better players) had the ball down by our goal. She kicked it from the side and it rolled to the middle, right in front of the goal. Amazingly, Daisy was right there, and there were no bees nearby. She neatly kicked it in.

I screamed like a crazy woman. Daisy raced down the field and I scooped her up and swung her around. I seriously was so happy for her. And the game was over.

Daisy scored the last goal of the season. Way to go, babe.

They all got a medal. (Daisy asked me later, "Mom, if I hadn't scored a goal, would they still have given me a medal?") Of course they would. They give medals for everything now days.

So that brief chapter of soccer in our lives is over. I think we learned a few things and had a good time.


meganmushrat said...

I am so glad that Daisy had that moment of triumph. Such things are so important in life. However, you might want to find another area for Daisy to excel in. It doesn't sound like soccer is really her thing.

¡Vieve! said...

How fantastic that she scored a goal in the last game! Good work Daisy!