Thursday, April 10, 2014

Looks Like Spring Gave Us a Break

The weather has been fantastic lately. Spring feels so fabulous after winter. I'm glad they were put in that order. You would think that with this great weather, we would be having a rockin' Spring Break. Well....we got some family pictures that were super cute. (They will be coming soon.) But apparently we picked up a little bug somewhere along the way. Pearl started with it. Then Ives. Next Daisy. Robyn is manifesting with a fever today instead of the annoying cough, which in my estimation is the better way to go. June is still immune? Or is she saving her moment until next week when school starts again. (Let's hope not.)

Nothing serious, but just enough to keep us close to home. We did play a roaring game of Sardines the other evening out in the yard. It was super fun. All the girls came up with clever places to hide. Dad's was probably the most creative since he hid in the recycling bin. (Not all of us were able to join him in there.) My spot was the best considering they finally gave up and decided that I had cheated and gone inside. (Come on cheater?? Not when it comes to hide and seek. If you can't find me, you just have to look harder.) We think we might branch out next time and include more territory. So, neighbors, if you see a whole bunch of people hiding in your backyard, don't worry, it's just us.

We did make it to the park earlier this week. And a small miracle happened because I brought my camera. What can I say...the planets align sometimes. It was fun to get shots of the girls just being themselves.

With FIVE girls, I should have a vast collection of hair paraphernalia by now. Nope. No bows or ribbons. The occasion headband makes the scene, but it is usually lost in the first five minutes. My rule is that everyone gets their hair done on Sunday, and I let them do what they want the rest of the week. (Unless there is a very unkempt head to which I have to restore order.) So, the waif look is in. Pearl sports it very well. Sometimes I'm not sure if she can see where she's going, but she always seems to get there okay.

More awesome hair, but you can't beat it in combination with that smile.

Ivory has just learned how to manage the hair ties. So, she sports the waif look less often now. But when she does pig tails, she does a mean Pippy impression. (Not pictured here.)

This picture of June makes me smile. She is my cohort in crime. She is the other little mom that runs around and pushes people on the swing, and encourages and cuddles. (Granted, she probably does as much tickling as I do, but that comes with the territory.) I am so happy to have her as a daughter.

Really, I just smile at all my kids. They each have their own unique personality that delights me frequently while still driving me a tad insane at times. Most likely they have a bit too many 'stubborn' genes from their mom.

Remember when you could jump off a swing and not break a bone??

Peapod on the swing.

Ivory has been working hard in gymnastics. She found a bar at the playground and was showing off her mad skilz. I was pretty impressed. It is hard to take a picture that shows how fast she can spin around that bar. This is my attempt. I bet you get the idea.

I need to remember to go to more parks this summer. The kids always have a good time. They were sitting at the bottom of the tube slide and scaring children as they came down. They appropriately named it the 'Scare Slide,' and were advertising across the playground. There was a line of kids waiting to go down. Very creative.

Oh, and I managed to get my first sunburn of the season. Yep, looks like Spring is breaking us in.

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