Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Swimming and Blurry Pictures

A couple weeks ago, we had the great fortune to have family visit. We have our lovely relatives in CA, and we try to see them whenever we go that way. But this is the first time they came out here to Utah to visit us. We LOVED it!!

They came by way of Zion's and Bryce Canyon. I shamelessly stole these photos off FB. Isn't the scenery lovely?

Then they came to see us. We had a great time. They spoiled us, which seems strange since technically we were hosting, but they have a way of making us feel loved no matter what. We went out to dinner on Tuesday evening, which was nice since my kids don't eat out often.

On Wednesday evening they took us swimming at their hotel. I managed to get a few pictures, but I admit I almost forgot until I saw Jeannie taking pictures. Mine are slightly blurry. See if you can recognize children. (Especially since everyone is missing glasses.)

These two cousins are just months apart. They are both sharp as a whip and super fun to play games with.

Erin enjoys watching the festivities at the pool. Jeannie was explaining to me more about her condition. She is not as aware of her body as you or I might be, so in a pool with the added weightlessness, she almost loses herself entirely. I imagine it would be disorienting and scary. But she likes to watch everyone play. Jeannie is there too, holding down the fort with us non-swimmers. (Myself included.)

Erin brought her device to Utah as well, although my kids were fascinated with it, so they had it more often than she did. But she could point to pictures of all the family, and would push those buttons quite often. It is great that she knows who we are and is excited to see us before she even arrives. She was able to ask questions too, like "Where is Tyler" using the device. (Tyler is probably her favorite. I don't blame her.)

Can't forget Tim. I'm pretty sure Tim would be my favorite uncle...if I had any more uncles. He is always so laid back and funny. I remember laughing with him since I was just knee high to a grasshopper.

Some of the swimmers were coaxed out of the pool so we could play some Scotch Bridge. I'm pretty sure Jeannie beat us all. We Cazier's have to let the Kelly's win sometimes. :)

Eventually, everyone was ready to head home. This tired little face says it all.

But there are plenty more adventures to come. I would have included them all in one post, but I have a lot of pictures to edit. (That is a great thing. I was actually taking pictures!)

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meganmushrat said...

I'm jealous. Whenever they come up to Washington they spend the majority of their time with Jeannie's family (I can't blame them), and we only get to see them for a few hours. I'm pretty fond of my laid-back brother as well - and if I had to pick anybody to be my sister (even by marriage) it would be Jeannie. Sounds like you had a great time.