Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Not Eggactly Your Average Hunt

I wouldn't say that we have many official rules when it comes to egg hunts.

* We only put money in the camo eggs.
* Egg have to be visible from some angle.
* We let the younger kids start first, but not by much.
* You can only find a certain amount of camo eggs and you can't shake them and put them back. (This is because the older girls would shake them and if it sounded like coins, they would put them back and try to find ones with silent bills inside.)

That is pretty much it. Egg hunts are usually done outdoors, but they can certainly be done inside. There is NO Easter Bunny. Mom usually hides the eggs.

In Washington, Tim was kind enough to hide eggs all over the house. (Although not in every room - some rooms were off limits.) I hid the camo eggs and kept track of where they were. There is an exact number and everyone wants their fair share. All the kids stayed down in Miranda's room while we hid the eggs. They were ready to hunt.

Pearl was off first, with everyone else in turn. Miranda was kind enough to help Pearl along the way.

Robyn found some very sneaky ones.

Grandma's room was fair game. She was resting up and possibly giving away some of our egg locations. (Sneaky G'ma.)

Grandpa, on the other hand, was in one of the off-limit rooms. He was happily sequestered with his computer, probably planning a lesson for institute. (More on that later.)

Tim did a great job hiding the eggs, although I think Tyler was the one who put some eggs in the curio cabinet. I could NOT figure out how to open that thing for the longest time. Tyler was laughing at me as I shook it in frustration. Even these kids are struggling to find the way in.

But June eventually got it open. (Faster than I did.)

We had two photographers on the job. I wish I had thought to take a picture of Tyler...

Most of my pictures involve the back of someone's head, but every once in a while, I would slow them down long enough to get a front shot.

Barely sometimes. (Ivory is trying to tell me something. Wish I could remember what it was.)

Who was our big winner finding the $5 bill this year??


I was surprised it wasn't Pearl because many of her eggs weren't shakers, but she ended up with several dollar bills. Good job P!

Everyone seemed to be happy with their candy/money. I miss the egg hunts when I was little where we looked for real eggs. Maybe next year we will decorate more chicken eggs and hunt for them. Then again, I have hundreds of plastic eggs. Choices, choices.

But that was just the start of the Easter festivities. You know if we are with the Dargans, we have to have a Crack Off!! Just wait for all the fun eggs.

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meganmushrat said...

You might miss the real eggs, but you didn't mention missing hearing the Easter Bunny thumping around as he (she) hid the eggs. There is nothing quite like hunting real eggs outside - and finding one from a previous year! Whoo - they stink.