Tuesday, April 21, 2015

You Crack Me Up

I think I have more eggs on my blog than a farmer has in a hen house. This time of year, the Crack Off competitions just keep on coming.

I promised Ivory a Crack Off in her class, but I still feel like third graders are a bit young. (Yes, I know the first Crack Off I did was in Robyn's class when she was in third grade.) So, despite some desperate opposition, I skipped her class this year and did Robyn and June's classes instead. (Let's just say that I will be in BIG trouble if I don't do Ivory's class next year.)

First up: ROBYN

Her teacher is new this year and I thought he would enjoy the originality of the Crack Off. (He actually planned two Easter parties the week before Spring Break. I think he was trying to keep the kids busy so they didn't melt down early. I'm not sure I entirely approved, but I also hear he has a really tough class, so I don't judge too much.)

Recall that Robyn won her class Crack Off last time. I think she was feeling lucky this time around as well.

But her luck didn't last.

The competition was intense. In one battle both eggs broke. (Hate it when that happens.) But eventually there was a final round and a winner was decided. Good job Lindsey. (Mr. Mortensen was laughing because I guess the boy in the photo has a crush on her. Cute)

Next up: JUNE

June's class did a Crack Off last year, and the majority are the same kids. They know the drill. Everyone has a few minutes to decorate their egg. Here is June working on hers.

I did not have my trusty photographer with me this year (a.k.a. Tyler) but another mom was kind enough to take some pictures, so I have some shots of the action. I love this picture, because almost everyone seems to be laughing or smiling.

June's class has been doing CHEF NEWS all year, so they record everything. The Crack Off was no eggseption. (Plus, their teacher was gone that day. I think she wanted to see what all the fuss was about.)

I was told that a white board would be provided for me. Somehow I was thinking something a little wider, but we made it work.

As you can see, our winner was Britney. Good job. Your ninja egg kung fued them all. (Do ninjas use kung fu?)

Don't forget: MOM & DAD

I love our neighborhood Crack Off. This year was no different, although I wasn't as relaxed as usual since I was trying to get all my kids packed so we could leave on vacation the next day after school. I sent them off packing (literally) while we cracked eggs. (The only adverse effect of this was Pearl packing simply one shirt. She survived since she borrowed from Daisy and wore her jammie shirt most of the trip.)

Meanwhile, back on the farm, the eggs were coming in. Check out some of our contenders. There is often someone who brings eggs decorated with hair, stickers, etc. (Ironically, it doesn't seem to protect them.) This guy is awesome.

And his brother.

My egg was named after a book from Battle of the Books. The kids read Number the Stars by Lois Lowry. My egg was Number the Shards.

Here are a bunch. I loved Groot. Tyler hasn't even seen Guardians of the Galaxy. (You may not have either.)

My Golden Goose was more bronze since my Gold sharpie is worthless. Check out the Skeleton...

Here is an aerial view of all our creative designs. (Charity would say that her eggs were boring because she didn't know they were supposed to go all out. But I loved her blue and pink eggs that she named Mr & Mrs.)

Jonny won the decoration contest with Eggs o Skeleton. Very detailed and awesome!

Now to the cracking.

TJ liked to spin his egg. It wasn't the best strategy. Jonny cracked TJ's egg right out of its spin.

And yet, Jonny liked to spin his eggs as well. (Whatever works for you. We haven't found the best strategy yet.)

Although children aren't invited, we do get some sneaks that crash the party.

TJ was still spinning his eggs.

Regardless of all the crazy rotating eggs, Chris rolled the good old fashioned way and won the competition. Way to go Chris. It was your wife last year. I must know your secret!!!

And then the boys spent the next 20 minutes spinning eggs. As you can tell, once they get spinning, they stand on end. It looked pretty cool. Some of the colors were just perfect for spinning. And if they fell on the ground, it was okay...they were already cracked.

Fear not...if you feel you haven't seen quite enough eggs for one April, there is still another Crack Off that will happen up in WA. But we have to drive there first...

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meganmushrat said...

Keep this up and you will turn crack-offs into a national sport. Do you think they might put it in the Olympics?