Saturday, May 24, 2008


It's a miracle...Not that June graduated, but that we actually remembered the camera this time.
The teachers and kids did such a good job putting the program together. They sang just a few songs and each child talked about something they did during the school year.

And then everyone walked across the stage in their cute caps and gowns and received a diploma of sorts. The best part of the whole thing was a personalized scrapbook that each child received from their 'buddy.' In a normal program, I can see trying to make 20 or so scrapbooks a daunting task for one or two teachers, but in this program, since each child had a specific person assigned to them, it was much more doable.

Miss Henrietta was a really good match for June.

She is from Germany and is returning next month, but I am so glad that she could come and spend the school season here. I had some trouble understanding her accent at first, but June never seemed to mind. In fact, the first time she talked with Henrietta, June said, "I like your voice."
She made some good friends at school, which I was happy to see.

Taylen (such a sweetie) she knew already and we carpooled with her mom, but I was excited to see her become good friends with people she didn't know to begin with. June has always been a very friendly child. When we go on walks or to the park, she always tells me about the new friends she has made (sometimes with children she barely talks to more than a minute). Here is a picture of Hallie and June.

They became quite close at the end and every time I let June out of the car I would see her take Hallie's hand to walk inside. It was just so cute.
And finally, we got a shot of June with Miss Johnson.

Although she looks like another high school student, she is the lady in charge of the program. She is so nice and extremely kind to the children. If you have ever seen or read Matilda, she reminds me of Miss Honey.
Overall, I was so pleased with the experience June had this year in pre-school, and I look forward to Robyn attending next year. Robyn looks like she is ready for next year too.


Stacy said...

Very cute! Love the scrapbook idea. Did June go to Deanne's preschool too? It seems I remember her going there with Jaden. Check out Ashton's preschool graduation on my blog.

Cindy B said...

How fun! Way to go for June! And you too, because those are very cute pictures.

Kayla said...

Those pictures are darling. How fun for June! Is that the preschool at Mt. View? It looks like June had a great time wherever it was!

katie said...

It looks like she had so much fun. I'm going to miss her and being in primary so much. She is a doll.

¡Vieve! said...

Woo June! Way to graduate, yo.
And good job on remembering that camera!