Monday, May 19, 2008

Life in Fast Forward

I'm a bit behind on blogging so I will do some catching up here. Please forgive the short random headings, but this is for posterity, not for you. Whatever, I totally write for you (and your comments), but posterity might enjoy this later as well.

Third Time's the Charm

For the record I saw my third snake in the backyard today. Tyler wasn't around to catch it, which is just as well, because snake number two was a handful. They are all just garter snakes, but that last encounter actually involved striking (you know where the snake coils and then springs--you could see the little jaws open and strike Tyler's tennis shoe. I felt like I was watching a mini cobra). So the one today I just watched from a distance and told Ivory not to touch it (don't worry, she has no interest in rassling with a snake...she doesn't even like it when bugs land on the outside of her window; that is how girly she is). I do hope to see less snakes because I'm beginning to suspect a nest somewhere close by.

Please Serve Me...Some Food

We had our annual service auction in the ward and it was really a lot of fun. Since I just barely posted about finishing those crosstitched baby announcements, I did NOT offer that service again. Instead I thought of what I would like to have, and somehow chocolate covered strawberries popped into my head. So, there you go.

The girls and I had a lot of fun making them, and I bought extra of course so I could come home to a treat. Not that I really needed more food. Apparently I must have been hungry at the auction (although I ate before I went) because somehow I came home with four services that I purchased (with fake money mind you), and three of them were food: Homemade Pie, a batch of cookies, and a chocolate cake (all to be delivered at a later time...thank goodness). I did manage to get some free babysitting as well, which is good because I'm going to need someone to watch my kids so I can go to the gym.

Anatomically Accurate?

This just makes me laugh, so I had to post it. The girls were playing downstairs (very nicely I might add) and I came passing through. June was taking care of Robyn, who was playing the part of the horse. June had her caged in the corner (her corral, I guess) and was giving her instructions. Robyn came out to show off her horse attire. June patiently explained what everything was: Horses don't have skin (like we do) so she had covered Robyn's arms and legs with socks. She had a collar, much like a dog, but I can see how it might double as a bridle. But then my favorite was Robyn's pants stuffed with socks, because, as June says, horses have really big bottoms. I laughed all the way to the camera.

Knight in Shining Slime

Some of you may not know what a true hero looks like or the feats he can accomplish, but I can verify that I am married to one. Just this evening, some small piece of metal fell into the garbage disposal. I know from experience what happens if you leave a spoon in there and turn the disposal on, so I wasn't going to risk leaving the metal in there, but I surely didn't want to reach in and get it. I mentioned my predicament to Tyler and without even a blink, he went fishing for the object. I had been in the midst of cleaning the sink, so I won't go into details about what he stuck his hand into. It wasn't even my hand and just watching made me gag a bit. It turns out that the bottom side of the disposal does not stay as clean as the top and at one point his hand emerged with black slime on it (I almost left at that point). In the end, he was victorious (as all heroes are) and he just moved up several notches on my totem pole of marvelous.

Blanket Adventures

The weather has been phenomenal and almost too hot (yep, and it's only May. I keep reminding myself that I was complaining about snow two weeks ago). So, we have taken the opportunity to spend some time outdoors together, as I hope you are doing as well. A few nights ago we pulled out a blanket at bedtime and just read together on the lawn. Just good 'ole family bonding. Tyler took several pictures of me with the girls and I am putting one in against my better judgment.

But the best shot was of him reading to the little ladies.

Let's face it, I just take better pictures...or maybe he is just more photogenic?? Hmmmm, we'll stick with the first one because it makes me feel better.


Stacy said...

Maleen, despite the multiple snakes, from the pics your lawn looks great! How I miss the nice lawns over there, since our neighborhood is new over here we are just one step up from dirt with patchy, dry lawns :(
Also, the horse story is so funny, your girls are so imaginative

Deanne said...

What fun adventures! I ditto Stacy's sentiments about the green, lush lawn (o.k., so she didn't say green and lush, but still). The strawberries looked delicious, and it looked like it was good mommy daughter bonding time. Great work catching up! I may need to use you as inspiration!

Ker said...

Wow I am totally impressed with the catch up! AND I just think you need to become a "Swammie" and get those darn snakes out of your yard! EW! Again, love all of your fun stories of the happenings at the Cazier home.

Anonymous said...

I am so pleased with what a good mommy you are - a real tribute to your upbringing (ha, ha, ha). You have such a fun family. I love reading your blogs and only wish I had something equally interesting to write about. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

Kayla said...

You are very brave to spend blanket time on the same grass that the snakes inhabit! But it looks like a ton of fun. We are fortunate enough to have one of the few apartments with grass in front of it so we spend blanket time as well and we love it. It's probably more fun with little kids though.

Desmama said...

Such great stories, all of them. Those strawberries look divine. I think the weather is set to cool down a bit. Which is fine with me. No need to rush into summer when we just barely entered spring. How nice to have grass.

Cindy B said...

So much fun at your house! And the strawberries looked SOO good. But really, Maleen, 3 snakes? What's up with that?

¡Vieve! said...

Those strawberries look delicious! You have such an adorable family!

Chelle! said...

Snakes!! YIKES!! Strawberries!! MOST DELICIOUS!! Horses! HILARIOUS!! Slime! DISGUSTING!!! As for the reading stories outside on the lawn...GREAT MEMORIES come to mind with that story!! One day, I might share--thanks for sharing with us.

Kellie said...

K I can't even stand it! How do you foster such imagination in your girls?!!!! I am dying about the big bottom! How funny!
I agree with chelle! Also We like snakes over here so send them my way :D Are good for the bugs and moles and mice :D

Rynell said...

Yummy chocolate covered strawberries!

What a fun catching-up post. My kids have always been of the imaginative sort too. It's a lot of fun for moms as well!

Rynell said...

Yummy chocolate covered strawberries!

What a fun catching-up post. My kids have always been of the imaginative sort too. It's a lot of fun for moms as well!