Sunday, May 11, 2008


(Posted by Raging Stallion)

Happy Mother’s Day!

We wanted to record how much we love Mommy. Today especially we get to celebrate how much she means to us. So, we got together as a family, and we came up with at least some of the reasons why Mommy is so important to us:

  • June: I love Mommy because she takes care of us and loves us too.
  • Robyn: I love Mommy because she gives me hugs and kisses, and I’m her friend, and I love Mommy so much.
  • Ivory: I know. Loves me. I love Mommy.
  • Dad: I love Mommy because she takes care of me (and my beautiful kids) very, very, very well (and we miss her very, very, very much when she’s not here).

Then we came up with just general reasons why Mommy rules:

  • She helps us
  • She cleans
  • She cooks
  • She’s hot (Dad wrote this one)
  • She sings songs
  • She goes on bike rides
  • She disciplines much nicer than Dad
  • She reads with us
  • She watches movies with us
  • She gets us snacks
  • She gets us lunch
  • She reads scriptures with us
  • She gives us hugs and kisses
  • She helps us learn songs
  • She had us (the kids)
  • She has a new baby coming
  • She talks on the phone and multitasks rather well
  • She made a nice calendar for me (Dad)
  • She reads stories when it’s bedtime (when it’s not too late)
  • She has a picture with Dad
  • She does dishes
  • She changes diapers
  • She adjusts the sofa slip cover, even though she hates it
  • She gave us sisters (the kids)
  • She’s beautiful
  • She does our hair
  • She plays with us
  • She loves me
  • She listens to my songs (the kids and Dad)
  • She thinks I’m some kind of musician (Dad)
  • She loves Dad (the kids said this one)
  • She teaches us to be like Jesus
  • She taught us to color, and that’s one of our favorite things to do
  • She keeps a blog very well
  • She says prayers with us at night
  • She brushes our teeth (the kids)
  • She does makeup with us (the kids—seriously not Dad)
  • She paints our nails (again the kids)
  • She cleans our ears
  • She plucks my eyebrows (I’m not going to tell who said this one)
  • She plucks my nose hairs (uuumm, the kids said this one…)
  • She plays the piano
  • She has a testimony of Jesus among other things
  • She’s given me three and a half beautiful duplicates of her
  • She makes fairies with us
  • She watches He-Man and She-Ra with us
  • She likes my surprises
  • She has nice teeth
  • She kisses our owies better
  • She has long days sometimes but she doesn’t show it
  • She makes shapes for me when I’m at the dentist (Robyn claimed this one)
  • She types all funny (guess)
  • She makes good dinners for us
  • She makes dessert for us and lets us eat it even when we didn’t finish all our food
  • She drives us around to all the places we need to go
  • She shops for us, and usually manages to hit her budget
  • She has a lap that makes everything better when we sit on it
  • She can play softball, even when she’s pregnant
  • She loves animals except those darn voles
  • She got married with Dad (the kids said this one)
  • 2:38
  • She plays soccer with Dad (Robyn said this one)
  • She lets me feel like a genius because I can program the VCR
  • She buys new clothes for us
  • She makes surprises for us
  • She takes us to parks and makes lunch for us when we go
  • She likes Moses, and she doesn’t like Ramsies
  • She plays Frisbee
  • She sets up the gnome game for me and my sisters (June said this one)
  • She tickles us
  • She plays music for me on the piano and on the computer
  • She washes our clothes and dries them and folds them and puts them in our drawers
  • She has blue eyes
  • She knows who Garrison Keillor is
  • She loves Foot
  • She loves Baby
  • She knows lots of movies

These are some of the reasons why we love you Mommy (and some of the reasons we hate it when you’re gone—please come back soon!). Have a happy Mother’s Day, Mom. We love you very much.


Maleen said...

Wow!! You guys are so sweet, and I miss you too. It was really fun to read all those and I can mostly tell who thought of what.
I'm coming home tomorrow. I had a good mother's day because I was able to think of you guys all day. Too bad I wasn't able to see you in person, but instead I went back and looked at all the pictures on my blog. It was so fun to think of all the great memories we have. I think I have the best family in the world.
So kiss, kiss, kiss, and big 'ole smooch for you (you know who the smooch is for) and I will see you soon. Thanks for making it a good Mother's Day for me from so far away!!

¡Vieve! said...

Your family loves you so much! Well done, Stallion, with the blogging the last few days!

Cindy B said...

Lucky, lucky, lucky Maleen.

Hot Chocolate said...

How sweet.

Wait. You still have that calendar? Didn't she make that over a year ago? Shouldn't it be outdated and thrown out? Hmmm...nevermind...

Dare I ask about the 2:38?