Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Soon to be part of the Blue Man Group

First off--thank you to everyone with ideas for my back. I shouldn't complain since things could be worse, but if I didn't complain, Tyler might think there was something seriously wrong with me.

But on to other things. The weather is getting very nice outside, so we are spending more time out of doors. This means more time with the sidewalk chalk. In general, I didn't think I minded sidewalk chalk, but now that I see what June can do with it, I am not as pleased. No, she doesn't draw bad words, or eat the chalk...she just can't keep it off herself. She did a splendid rendition of June on a sunny day. You can see the grass down below and a stick figure resembling June (if you use your imagination). And then there is the sky; her true masterpiece.

She worked on it for ages, and I sat and frowned as she gave me reports, each more blue than the last (her body, not the reports). I was really concerned about getting all the chalk out of her clothes.

In case you were wondering, it came out of the pants just fine, but the shoes still have a blue tint to them.
The next day, she forgot and wore Sunday shoes. She was more careful not to actually roll in her art, but the cement scraped off the nice finish on her pretty black shoes. I wish I could be that fun mom who says, "Whatever, they are just shoes," but instead I was appalled. I obviously need to set some ground rules (ha, ha, that is funny...I am laughing at my own joke).
Anyway, she will probably continue to enjoy her time with the chalk and I will continue to enjoy mine with the washing machine. Wait, did I say enjoy? My mistake.


Katie said...

That is so funny. She is quite the artist. When we were little, we were not allowed to have sidewalk chalk for that same reason (and because every time my dad did give in and let us have some, we would color the whole front step and then there would be little blue footprints all over the house from us coming inside...) So funny though.

Jodi said...

Oh my heavens- she is soooo blue! That is funny to me because it is not my kid or my clothes that I have to wash. By the way- I am as uptight as shoes too. They are so expensive and they get scratched up so quickly!

Kim said...

Try using a permanent black marker to camoflauge (sp?) the scratches on her sunday shoes. Ben crawled outside on the cement one Sunday after church (why? couldn't tell ya...) and the permanent black marker makes the scratches hardly noticable. And if her shoes aren't fabric, try a little comet powder on them to get out the blue. Good luck! :)

Deanne said...

She is a great artist, you have to give her that! I know you're not alone in the woes of sidewalk chalk. I think it's just one of those sacrifices of motherhood, right?

¡Vieve! said...

Aw, I miss the days of sidewalk chalk. I need to buy some and draw the heck out of the sidewalk by my house.

Hot Chocolate said...

Ha. You funny.

You know, I'd be the same way. I AM the same way. No no, if it makes you feel any better, I'm worse. It makes ME feel better though to know that there is a friend out there who can't stand to see chalk all over their children as well. I envy those women who can roll with it.

Kayla said...

She is so blue! That is crazy. If it makes you feel any better, there's a chance she'll never grow out of it. I've gone out to my car many times at my apartment complex and have found sidewalk chalk pictures. I personally don't see the hype anymore, but apparently it's still fun for some people!
I've been reading some of your older posts and it's so fun to see how you guys are doing. We really do need to hang out again.

HulseFam said...

Jonny loves to let Jane play with the chalk and just like June she always ends up covered in it! Oh well, thank goodnees for good laundry detergent!