Friday, May 30, 2008

A Piece of Heaven

We got an interesting phone call last Saturday morning.

Scarlet: Hey, do you guys have a swing set?

Me: No.

Scarlet: Do you want ours?

Me: (a little stunned) Sure.

And just like that...we own a swing set.

Scarlet and her family have been looking at a new one for their kids, so they thought they would find a family to which they could pass on their old one. I am so happy that they thought of us. We have been thinking for a while that we needed to get a swing set for the girls, but I can't tell you how thrilled I am to get one for free. I don't know if that was part of the motivation for Tyler to finish the patio (when he realized we didn't have to spend money on a swing set), but whatever the reasons, I am loving my backyard now.
We have the swing set, the finished patio, a garden in the corner and a family to fill the space. It is a little piece of heaven on earth. Last night we grilled hot dogs and ate outside. It was so pleasant (besides my constant allergies). Sometimes I don't have to look very far to see all my blessings.
Thanks again Bushman family. You have no idea what this means to us.


Rynell said...

Awesome! We happen to also know that family--they are wonderful folks. I am so happy you have a swing set--what fun!

¡Vieve! said...

Fun! I always wanted a swing set when I was young-I'm glad your girls get the chance to have it.

Stacy said...

Okay, double jealous, no triple. We don't have a patio, a swing set, or a grill.
Can we come over???
You guys are so great, you deserve every blessing you get.

Chelle! said...

Oh, I love the outdoors!! I am glad that you are all those wonderful things to enjoy being outside. Sorry about the allergies--they are NO fun!

Jodi said...

I am so happy for your new yard! You guys better enjoy every day of this summer!

Ker said...

Very cool Maleen! I am excited for you but more excited for June Bug, Rob, and Ives!

buhlersdayoff said...

WOW and that is a really nice one too!! Don't you love having friends/family who grow out of things!!